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Glisten in your Stitchin’

Glisten in your Stitchin’ is all about stitching embroidery designs and projects with KingStar Metallic threads.  We will discuss trouble-free stitching with KingStar metallic threads and the best designs for metallic thread.

First, let’s look at why and how KingStar metallic thread boasts trouble-free stitching. KingStar metallic is a Japanese thread used in the kimono industry. They start with a core thread that doesn’t kink, wraps with rice paper, next an oxidation preventative coating, pure silver layer, the coloring, and then last a micro polyester shell. This is a strong thread that puddles in soft circles with no kinking.

You can use your regular embroidery needle (dependent on your embroidery project), embroidery speed, and embroidery thread spool holder. This thread can also be used in the bobbin. Nothing special! No using specialty tricks to get it to stitch without breaking. It stitches beautifully with no breaks or kinks because of how it is made.

Next, let’s discuss the best types of designs to use to show off the thread and glisten in your project. We want the thread to shimmer and shine. You can try out your chosen design you have in mind, however, we have some suggestions that might help.

Listen in as Ashley Jones and Deborah Jones shares one type of design to show off your metallic threads and glisten in the project.

Also, designs with wide satin stitching. You may want to use the special satin stitch feature of your embroidery software if applicable. Perfect Embroidery Professional Software has this feature which can also be changed to feature the metallic thread.

Free-standing lace designs showcase the metallic thread beautifully as well.  You can even use the KingStar metallic thread in the bobbin when stitching free-standing lace. In this blog, Spring Metallic Thread, Eileen Roche shares how to use metallic thread for free-standing lace designs and using the thread in the bobbin.

And for more tips with stitching with metallic threads, check out this blog, Tuesday Tip: Patriotic Metallic Thread. And there are projects featuring the metallic thread.

If you want to see some of the tips using KingStar metallic threads, designs, and making adjustments in the software, then watch Ashley Jones and Deborah Jones on Facebook Live from July 14, 2022. Enjoy!