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Hand-Sketched Machine Embroidery

Hand-Sketched Machine Embroidery mimics pencil sketched florals in this new embroidery design collection from DIME. Designs in Machine Embroidery partnered with Reen Wilcoxson, owner of Embroidery Garden, to create 25 raw edge applique embroidery designs mimicking pencil sketched florals. The collection, Hand-Sketched Florals by Reen Wilcoxson is beautiful and stunning as you can see from the picture below.

Let’s talk about the keys to success with these beautiful floral designs. Choosing textured fabrics for the raw edge applique to mix it up is one key to success. Cotton and linen fabrics are a great choice; however, let’s think outside the box. Think about heat transfer vinyl, it comes standard, metallic, glitter, pearlescence, and even flocked that feels like suede. How about suede, leather, velvet, or any other textured fabrics? Then the sky is the limit with raw applique textured florals.

On the following example, velvet fabric is used for the raw edge applique! It gives a fabulous look with the black thread.

Next, is the thread. Black embroidery thread from Exquisite Embroidery Thread looks like ink. The stitching is simple and light with no complex fills. The outline stitches along and away from the floral applique, giving it a whimsical appearance.

Another key to success is how you prepare the fabric for the raw edge applique. You have choices. If you want a frayed look, then use a linen or loosely woven fabric. Once the stitching is complete, then also use a brush to fray the fabric on the edges.

If you want more of a finished look, then use Exquisite FuseMe Fusible Web on the wrong side of your fabric. When you trim away the extra fabric after stitching the placement line, then use a small iron to fuse the fabric in place. This will be a permanent fuse.

Listen in as Eileen Roche shares how to prepare the fabric with FuseMe and stitch out the design.

If you haven’t tried out the raw edge applique embroidery designs, then try out this beautiful and hand sketched floral design collection, Hand-Sketched Florals by Reen Wilcoxson. You can use pre-cut applique or trim in the hoop applique. So many options and ways to use this gorgeous collection.

For more information and samples using the Hand-Sketched Florals by Reen Wilcoxson, then watch Eileen Roche demonstrate on Facebook Live from July 21, 2022. Enjoy!

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