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Embroidery Tips & Techniques

Marvelous Mylar Embroidery

Stitching Mylar Embroidery will be marvelous with these wonderful tips. Embroiderers want to know when to add the mylar, how to remove the mylar and how to launder. Mylar is simple to use and adds a sparkle to embroidery designs digitized for mylar. The embroidery stitches are more open than most embroidery designs.

Designs from are digitized to be used with mylar. Patricia Gates, owner of creates these designs, patterns, projects, and videos. So be sure to check them out.

So, let’s talk about when to add the mylar. Designs from have notes on the pdf color chart for each of the designs using mylar. Be sure to read the instructions as you add the mylar after stitching the color.

To remove the mylar, simply tear it away from the stitches after the color it indicates on the color chart. Mylar projects can be washed and dried as your other embroidered projects. You can also iron on the back side of the embroidery. Don’t worry about the mylar being wrinkled, just smooth it out to use. Keep all your small pieces as you may be able to use it in a small area.

Also, all the designs from use the Exquisite Embroidery Thread by DIME.

Even the quilting designs that may sparkle a bit, use the Exquisite Embroidery Thread.

Here is a great tip for the Exquisite Embroidery Thread 60-pack collection: separate the colors into color families and create a stitched design so you can see the light, medium, and darks in this collection.

Listen in as Eileen Roche shows how she separated the colors and created a stitched design to show off the sixty threads.

Having a stitched-out sample of all the threads is a great idea for future projects.

If you want additional information on stitching with mylar, then check out this blog, The Magic of Mylar Embroidery. And for more tips and demonstrations using mylar and mylar designs, then listen in as Eileen Roche and Patricia Gates, owner of, share on Facebook Live from July 7, 2022. Enjoy!