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Embroidery Tips & Techniques

Spring Metallic Thread

It is time to use Spring colors in your embroidery projects!  We have the perfect variety of four Spring Metallic Threads featuring KingStar Metallic.  In this variety pack of threads, there are aqua, lilac, pacific blue, and light green metallic colors of thread.  Beautiful and lovely colors to shine and sparkle!

A fun and quick embroidery project to show off the beautiful Spring Metallic Threads is the Just Earrings lace collection by Eileen Roche.  Stitch out in just one color or use a couple colors depending on the design.  Whichever you decide, they will be stunning as the light reflects off the metallic color of the earrings.

Because KingStar Metallic thread puddles in soft circles and doesn’t kink, then it requires nothing special to have great results.  You can choose any design.  So just place your spool on your machine, choose the needle according to the fabric for your project and start the machine to stitch.

Here is a great tip if you are struggling with what type of design to stitch.  You might think about stitching out a sampler of different types of stitches so you can really see the difference in the stitches.  It is a great way to try out your metallic thread.  Start with satin stitches in different widths, curved fill stitches, satin stitch bars, and complex fills using a motif and regular stitch.

As stated earlier, there is nothing special needed to have great results.  A popular question is, “Can they be used in the bobbin?”  Listen in as Eileen Roche shares her answer to the question.

Besides lace jewelry, outline quilting designs are other great designs to stitch with metallic thread.  You can also use the metallic thread in the bobbin when stitching outline quilting designs on any project.

When you are finished with your thread, then let out a length of thread and wrap/twist it 2-3 times on itself, place over the spool and tighten the end of thread.  This is a great way to secure the thread tail.

If you want to see the samples of earrings, quilting designs, or Eileen’s sampler using the Spring Metallic Threads, or how to secure the thread tail around the spool of thread, then be sure to watch Eileen Roche on Facebook Live from May 6, 2022.  Enjoy!