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Embroidered Earrings

Embroidered Earrings are all the rage since they are so lightweight!  Although fun to wear, wearing those heavy metal ones can cause sore ear lobes.  So, Eileen Roche created a new collection of lace earrings, Just Earrings.  You can choose from 18 different earrings – drops, danglers, hammered metal, hoops, and fringe. You’ll find a range of sizes from timid (length of 1.25 in) to bold statements (length of 2.25 in).  There is something for everyone!

Just Earrings can be customized with Exquisite polyester embroidery thread, KingStar metallic thread, crystals, beads, and jewelry findings.  If you have problems with the hot fix crystals staying on the metallic thread, then use E6000 glue for gluing on your crystals.

Stack two earrings together for an eye-catching effect.  Pair earrings with purchased jewel studs for an elegant presentation.  Suede and leather strips or shapes are another great addition to your earrings.  Simply place the lace earring on top of the strip or shape and use a purchased stud through both to wear or use a jump ring to attach all pieces including the wire fishhook to wear.

For best results, hoop two layers of Exquisite Sew ‘N Wash water-soluble mesh stabilizer in a 5in x 7in or smaller hoop. All designs fit in a 4in x 4in hoop. Here is a great tip for hooping the water-soluble mesh stabilizer and keeping the stabilizer from creeping into the sewing field which can cause the registrations to be misaligned.  We want the stabilizer to stay in place.

Listen in as Eileen shares her hooping tips.

For additional best results, use matching thread in the needle and bobbin for all earrings. Eileen used Exquisite 40 wt. polyester thread and KingStar metallic thread for all Just Earrings samples.  Experiment with Exquisite Medley thread, a variegated polyester thread, for a fun look.  Some of the earrings are one color, but when stitching with the Medley variegated thread it will look like several colors.  Many of the earrings use more than one color.  So, pair together an Exquisite thread with a KingStar metallic thread.  Eileen shares another great tip when stitching out the fun, fringe earrings.

Have fun making and wearing your embroidered lace earrings!  We think you will have a blast being creative with all the options in this great collection, Just Earrings.  If you missed out on Eileen’s first lace jewelry collection, Lace Jewelry, which offers earrings, necklaces and bracelets, then you might want to add it to your collections of lace jewelry.  For additional information and details on making embroidered earrings, watch Eileen Roche on Facebook Live from March 31, 2022.  Enjoy!