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Tuesday Tip: Patriotic Metallic Thread

Patriotic Metallic Thread Bundle features red, blue and silver KingStar Metallic Thread.  This wonderful bundle of patriotic colors will sparkle on your next embroidery project.  It’s a great time to start thinking about your next Patriotic project with several holidays around the corner.  Plus, red, blue and silver colors are good to use in several projects.  Maybe you like nontraditional Christmas colors or want to use them for that favorite fabric collection that features red, blue and silver.  It’s a fabulous bundle for many reasons.

Here is a simple, yet stunning table runner, from Gloria Horn Sewing Studio.  Gloria uses the Patriotic Metallic Thread Bundle and decorative stitches imported into her embroidery machine with no thread breakage.  What?  No thread breakage?  So where does this metallic thread come from?  And how do we use it?


Let’s discuss this beautiful metallic thread.  KingStar metallic thread is made in Japan for Kimonos.  The luminescent metallic embroidery thread has a polyester core and is wrapped in rice paper with a metallic finish.  This means it doesn’t “kink” up as it unwinds from the spool and therefore, runs smoothly through the thread pre-tensioners, allowing fewer thread breaks and higher quality embroidery.  Wow!

Here are some tips for using this metallic thread:

*No need for a special needle

*Use an embroidery needle matching your fabric

*No slower running speeds on your embroidery machine

*The threads are colorfast

*The threads will not fade on your garment


For additional information, check out this video for KingStar Metallic Thread.

Here are a couple of examples of designs featuring the red, blue and silver metallic threads.

They are beautifully stitched.  So, get your Patriotic Metallic Thread Bundle and get to stitching!  You will find the bundle here.  Don’t’ forget to share with us your embroidery projects using the Patriotic Metallic Thread Bundle.