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Fringe Jewelry

Embroidered Lace Jewelry is fun to make.  They are as light as air, which makes them very comfortable to wear.  Lace Jewelry collection has 16 different earrings, including several with fringe, 6 necklaces and 3 bracelets for a total of 25 fun options.  Use 40 wt. polyester, 60 wt. polyester, variegated polyester or Kingstar metallic threads to stitch a variety of colors.  Make them to coordinate with your wardrobe so you can wear them every day!

Now let’s discuss some more tips and trends for stitching lace jewelry.  First, what stabilizer will we need to make these fabulous earrings, necklaces, and bracelets?  Exquisite Sew ‘N Wash stabilizer is a soft mesh stabilizer that dissolves in warm water.  It is great for making this freestanding lace jewelry.  You will want to use 2 layers in your smallest hoop, either your standard hoop or a Snap Hoop Monster.  You can also fill the hoop with the lace designs so there are more than just a pair of earrings.


Another fun trend is to use a purchased pair of stud earrings, like simple pearls or rhinestones, instead of a fishhook or dangler type earring hardware.  The simple stud earrings will dress up the stitched lace earring and make them a bit shorter than a dangling earring.

For the earring and bracelet featured in the above photo, let’s look at how to keep them straight.  There is just a bit of thread connecting between the diamonds which can cause them to hang crooked.  First, trim the excess stabilizer around the thread, and put in warm water to soak for a few minutes.  During the drying process, pin at the eyelet and the bottom for the earring and, also, in the middle for the bracelet to a terry cloth towel, keeping it straight.  Be sure to check that they don’t stick to the towel.

In making the fringe earrings, there is a right and wrong side to the fringe.  Match the bobbin thread to the top thread.  Trim the fringe while the earrings are still in the hoop.  And you might want to cut the fringe over the trash can as it can leave a mess.  You will want to turn the hoop over and put the blade of the scissor close to the bottom of the fringe.  Exert pressure on the blade while snipping until the fringe is cut.  If you prefer loops instead of straight fringe, then just rinse away the water soluble stabilizer and leave the loops.


Here is a quick video to show you how to cut the fringe step-by-step.

The last tip is to use Fray Check or Fray Block on the eyelet if the eyelet has split.  Use on the eyelet itself and let it dry, keeping the eyelet hole open.


So go make some Lace Jewelry and specifically, fringe earrings!   You will have so much fun!  You can watch Eileen Roche’s Facebook Live June 17, 2021 for more inspiration!  Enjoy!