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Continuous Embroidery Software

Continuous Embroidery Tips & Tricks

Continuous embroidery is for anyone who has an embroidery machine.  Years ago, when embroidery started, the only size hoop was 4×4. Soon after that, the 5×7 hoop became available.  Today, many machines boast much larger hoops where you don’t have to hoop multiple times for one design. However, there are still those who only have a 5×7 hoop and want to stitch larger embroidery designs. So, we will discuss tips and tricks for continuous embroidery, especially for lettering, borders, and split designs. We will also discuss using Perfect Embroidery Professional Software.

First, we will discuss continuous embroidery for lettering. Let’s use the word “BIRTHDAY” for our example, which will be stitched on a piece of ribbon. In the hoop we can fit “BIRTH” and then “DAY”.  Print an adhesive template with cross hairs using Print & Stick Target Paper, for each section of the word, and also for the whole word.  It will help in lining it up on the ribbon. If using a cursive or combination of upper case and lower case letters, then pay attention to the ascender and descender letters. This will help with placing the letters on the ribbon.

Stitch the first section of the word, “BIRTH”. Rehoop and use your adhesive template to line up the rest of the word. Remember to remove the adhesive template before stitching. Now you have a beautiful ribbon with a perfectly lined up word “BIRTHDAY”.

Second, we will see how to use the continuous embroidery for borders. Using the Sticky Hoop with adhesive stabilizer and Pal2 (Perfect Alignment Laser) will be helpful in lining up our border.  Also, using the Placement Marks available in Perfect Embroidery Professional Software will be another key for a continuing border.

Open the border design in the software and add the placement marks. Save the design and send to machine. Place the item to embroider (in this case a towel) on the Sticky Hoop and stitch the first section of the design. It will stitch placement marks at the end. Remove the towel and hoop another piece of adhesive stabilizer. Place hoop on machine and stitch placement marks only. Remove hoop and line up towel with placement marks. Place hoop back on machine and stitch remainder of border design.

Here is Eileen Roche demonstrating this process using the PAL2.

Last, we will discuss continuous embroidery for split designs. Again, we will use the Sticky Hoop and Perfect Embroidery Professional Software. Open the design in software and use the Split Design icon to split and add placement marks. Save design and send to machine. Stitch first design and placement mark. Remove hoop and project. Rehoop with adhesive stabilizer, place on machine and stitch placement marks only. Remove hoop and line up fabric with placement marks using Pal2. Place hoop back on machine and stitch rest of design.

For detailed information on how to create and stitch continuous embroidery, then watch Eileen Roche on Facebook Live from June 9, 2022. Enjoy!