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Fun with Fonts

Creating fun fonts like Puffy, Applique and Embossed is easy with DIME Perfect Embroidery Pro Software.  There are so many options!  Of course, the colors of the puffy foam and prints of the fabrics add to the Puffy and Applique fonts.  And it is easy to create an Embossed font as we will look at later.

Let’s talk about the Puffy first.  In creating this font using puffy foam, the outside line around the puffy foam stitches first.  Try using a variegated thread for some fun and pizzaz around a coordinating puffy foam color.  The puffy foam is dimensional, so the letters are too.  Use squiggle type fonts for some interest and fun!  So many choices!

Next, is applique fonts.  Using Exquisite FuseMe Fusible Web on the wrong side of the fabrics creates a soft, flexible, lightweight and wrinkle-free applique.  It is so easy to use!  Check out the blog, Creating Soft & Lightweight Applique using FuseMe Fusible Web for more tips.  The fabrics and colors of embroidery thread add to the applique.  Choose a fun fabric and accent the satin stitch with a contrasting color for the applique to pop off the background fabric.

You can use a cutting machine to pre-cut your letters for your embroidery applique or you can trim in the hoop.  If you trim in the hoop, but there are holes in the letters, like an A, then listen in to Eileen Roche as she shares a great tip.

Finally, let’s talk about creating an Embossed font.  What is an embossed font you ask?  Embossed is thread that is stitched down in all the negative space around the letters and defined area in the same color as the terry towel or napped fabric.  If there are several and smaller letters in your word, then sometimes it might not show up as well.  If that happens, then you can add an outline to the defined area and around each of the letters and stitch it in a contrasting thread.


What stabilizer is best for this application?  A tear away wash away, like DIME Piece & Stitch Stabilizer, is a good choice.  Also, a wash away on top is not needed as the thread will hold down the fibers of the napped fabric.  This is a great technique for most napped fabrics.


The basics for creating an embossed letter in software is to make a square or rectangle and then choose a chunky letter.  Combine the square or rectangle and letter.  Then add a complex fill in the negative space.  Add an outline if needed.  For specifics of creating an embossed font in DIME Perfect Embroidery Pro Software watch Eileen Roche’s Facebook Live, July 8, 2021 at about 26:00 minutes.  For inspiration and information for all the fonts watch the entire episode!

If you have problems with stitching any of these fonts and get a bird’s nest, which is a big wad of thread under the hoop, then you will want the Bird’s Nest Tool.  It is a great tool to have on hand in case of an emergency!

There are so many options in creating these fonts!  So, have fun creating fonts!  Enjoy!