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Hooping Quilting

Edge to Edge Quilting with an Embroidery Machine

Edge-to-edge quilting with an embroidery machine is a technique first introduced by Christine Connor, owner of Amelie Scott Designs. When she first introduced the technique, she used her standard embroidery hoops. However, after meeting Eileen Roche and trying out the Snap Hoop Monsters, she learned how quickly she could quilt her quilt on an embroidery machine.

Christine wrote Edge-to-Edge Quilting on Your Embroidery Machine in 2012.  Now, it is updated and in its 2nd edition with new information using the Snap Hoop Monsters among other things. Christine works in columns and provides you with the different designs needed to create the edge-to-edge quilting look, which mimics longarm quilting.

Edge-to-edge quilting uses running stitch quilting designs which line up easily to quilt the majority of your quilt. You can change the design and use something else in the borders, if you want something different. There are so many options.

Using the Snap Hoop Monsters will make quilting your quilt simple, easy, and less time. Just leave the bottom frame on your embroidery machine and move the quilt to the next area of stitching. Place the top frame on your quilt lining up with the bottom frame. You are now ready to stitch the next area.

Here is a blog post that features edge to edge and some of the other options to Quilt with your Embroidery Machine.

Let’s talk more about the Snap Hoop Monsters and Sticky Hoops. There are many advantages in using these hoops for your embroidery projects as well as with your quilting projects. Other projects are towels and fleece, which are easier to hoop and hold the towel or fleece in place keeping it from slipping.

Here is a great tip from Eileen Roche when using tear-away stabilizer with a Snap Hoop Monster.


Wasn’t that a great tip for hooping tear away? To learn more about the hoops and other advantages, read this Happy Hoopapalooza! A Guide to Snap Hoops.

For more information on Snap Hoops Monsters and Sticky Hoops and edge-to-edge quilting, watch Eileen Roche and her guest, Christine Connor, owner of Amelie Scott Designs, on Facebook Live from June 2, 2022. You might learn a few new things about Christine Connor as well.  Enjoy!