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Often, new users in Inspirations Perfect Embroidery Pro struggle with making simple changes in text files.  It’s really quite easy so follow along in your software to get a better understanding of text editing.

Open a new page in Inspirations’ Perfect Embroidery Pro. Click on the Text icon. The cursor changes to an A and the Properties Box opens. Select your font. I’ve chose Arial Small. Type a fictional recipe into the Properties Box, then click Apply. 

With the Text tool still selected, change the justification to Left Alignment.  Click Apply. Notice all of the editing features available on the text itself. You can move individual letters, whole words and lines. 

When the Select Tool is used, your options diminish. You can size the design (the software sees it as a design and not text when the Select Tool is used), rotate, mirror image, duplicate, etc. But you do not have the freedom to edit the individual letters. 

Click on the Text tool again, and all of your text editing options appear. I’ve readjusted the kerning on the word chips.

When I click on the Select tool again, my changes are there.

Save the design now in C2S – the native format of Perfect Embroidery.  Change the color of the thread to green and save it as Chips.pes. Close both designs.

Open Chips.pes. The design is no longer recognized by the software as text – it’s just an ordinary design. When you click on a letter, the sequence field now shows all of the individual elements of the design – runs and satins. Ugh – that’s very challenging to edit.  

Not to worry, you have the original file. Open it and you’ll find the software recognizes it as text and all of your editing abilities are right at your finger tips! 

For instance, you can increase the 5 cups to 6 cups if you’d like. 

This is a great example of why it’s so important to save the original file in C2S and a working copy in your machine format.  Make your changes to the original and you’ll always have the ability to edit.






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  • Peggy Schroeder

    I hope you and Marie are both doing good. I have Embird software, but I am thinking I need something with a little more. What would you recommend I get? I have a Brother Quattro emb. Machine, I no longer have the multi needle machines, am not well enough any more to justify keeping them. Also, will you be coming to Santa Rosa anytime soon? I have taken I think 4 of your seminars, but love them and want to go again! I do not do any others but want to do another one of yours. I went to Sacramento once or twice, (can’t exactly remember) but prefer Santa Rosa, it is closer to where I live. If you come, I promise I will bring you chocolates again!

  • Kathleen De Verville

    I truly love this software. I like the idea it gets free updates once in awhile. Not as often as when I first bought it though. Unlike other software that charges ungodly amounts of money to upgrade every couple years. Also, it does so much more than the other stuff.