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Alignment and Placement Quilting

It’s All About the Shape

It’s all about the shape in quilting your quilt edge to edge or custom quilting. We will discuss how to break down large design areas, marking without a trace, and pinpoint placement under the needle. If you have a machine that allows you to scan in the project in the hoop, then you may want to use that feature. However, if you don’t then listen in on how to use the Center It Kit.

The Center It Kit boasts 15 templates, with complete instructions, yellow round target stickers, and blue square target stickers. It comes in a handy large envelope so you can keep your templates flat and secure. There are three of each, 12” squares, circles, and hexagons, as well as 40° and 60° diamonds. You may want to cut them down smaller to work with different sizes. It is recommended to keep one set of the 12”.

One way to break down large design areas is to use the templates to help find the center and define the area. This helps to work shape by shape. Quickly mark your blocks before hooping using the yellow round target stickers that fit into the opening of your templates. There is an up and down arrow to designate the top of the design. This will mark without a trace as you remove the yellow round target sticker before stitching your design.

Use the blue square target stickers which are larger than the opening to pinpoint placement under the needle. Listen in as Eileen Roche shares how to use the blue square target stickers.

Again, once you are ready to stitch, remove the template with the target sticker. When ready to stitch the next block, just place the template over the shape to find the center.  And repeat the process. In no time, you will have your quilt stitched.

For more fun, to see the Center It Kit in action and how to use your machine with a scanner, then watch Eileen Roche and her guest, Salima Jaffer from AAA Sewing & Fabric on Facebook Live from June 16, 2022. Enjoy!