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Hoopless Embroidery Using Sticky Hoop

Hoopless Embroidery using a DIME Sticky Hoop makes it easier and less hassles for those hard to hoop items, like slippers with Velcro opening or zippered make up case.  In hooping any of these items, we will want to pay attention to where the item is being hooped as the embroidery foot needs to clear the item.  So, think about it as you place the item on the hoop.


But what about continuous embroidery, multiple items like bibs or napkins, edge embroidery or even stitching on ribbon?  Can we use the Sticky Hoop for these items also?  Yes, these items will also work on a DIME Sticky Hoop and some items are best using the new larger sizes.  So, let’s take a look.


We’ll start with a Lovey Security Blanket.  It is a great gift for the new little one in the family.  Let’s stitch the initials on one of the edges of the blanket.  They are bulky so it will be helpful to use a larger Sticky Hoop even though the embroidery will be small.  The whole lovey can lay on the hoop to keep it from falling off and ruining it.  Mark the embroidery with the adhesive Print & Stick Target Paper template for lining it up exactly.


The next items may seem impossible to embroider on; however, with the large Sticky Hoops they will be much simpler.  To embroider a monogram on quilted boots, place the adhesive template of the monogram on the boot, unzip and place the whole boot on the hoop.  Here’s a quick clip of Eileen Roche demonstrating how to do that:

Another item similar to the boots is high top tennis shoes with the embroidery on the tongue.  Open up the tennis shoe and lay the sole on the side with the tongue of the shoe flat on the sticky stabilizer.  Embroider the tongue, remove and repeat with the other shoe in another place on the hoop.


Next, is stitching on ribbon using the Sticky Hoop.  Use embroidery software to create the lettering and add a rectangle the width of your ribbon to stitch first.  Once the rectangle is stitched, then lay your ribbon over the rectangle.  Stitch the words and remove the sticky stabilizer from the ribbon.  You can place both tails of the ribbon on one hooping.


How about stitching multiples on a large Sticky Hoop?  Bibs, napkins and koozies are great examples of multiple items.  Here are examples of the bibs and how the bibs would look on a large Sticky Hoop.  The photo is to indicate how the bibs would fit and look after all the bibs are stitched.  To start, place first bib down and embroider.  Place the second bib across from the first one so the design will not stitch on the first one and embroider.  Continue placing the next bib onto the stabilizer out of the way of the other bibs and embroider until the last one is stitched.  In no time, all the bibs will be embroidered just using one piece of stabilizer.  Remove all the bibs and remove the stabilizer from the back.

Last, we want to cover a zipped hoodie with LOVE across it with LO on one side of the zipper and VE on the other side of the zipper.  Create the letters and placement line for zipper in your embroidery software.


It looks opposite of what you might think, however, it does work so look at the example and embroider it that way in your large hoop.  The results are fabulous, and everyone will think you bought the hoodie with the lettering on it.  But you will know you did it yourself!

Hoopless Embroidery is fun when you learn new ways to use the Sticky Hoop.  Be sure and check out your make and model to see which ones are available.  If you want to see more live demonstrations of these ideas, then watch Eileen Roche on her Facebook Live from October 7, 2021.  Enjoy!




  • Lisa

    What is the difference between the 5×7 sticky hoop and the 5×7 sticky hoop with clamps?