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New Product Sallie Tomato Pressing Station

Designs in Machine Embroidery is thrilled to partner with Jessica Barrera of Sallie Tomato to bring you the Handbag Pressing Station.


You may be wondering and asking who is Jessica Barrera of Sallie Tomato?  She is a young entrepreneur who has a passion for making professional looking handbags.  She offers classes, patterns, different fabrics, like cork, and all the hardware to make those bags look professional.  Jessica also loves classic movies and likes to name her patterns using names of characters from those classic movies.  Be sure to check out her website or storefront.


So, what is the Handbag Pressing Station?  It is an interlocking modular system perfect for adding shape and form to handbags, totes, and purses. You can easily press seams, sleeves, and bag corners.


The Sallie Tomato Handbag Pressing Station is easy to assemble and comes with four boards for all your pressing needs.  The set includes:

  • 2 Posts
  • 4 Plates
  • One 4″ x 13″ x .75″ curved edge board for pressing seams open

  • One 4″ x 13″ x .75″ straight-edge board to add shape to bags, totes, and purses

  • One 3″ x 13″ x .75″ board for pressing gussets in medium-sized openings


  • One 1.5″x 13″ x .75″ board for tight construction to press away wrinkles and add structure to small spaces


This is a great addition to your sewing studio when making handbags, totes and purses or anything with curves.  Remember, pressing well gives your handbags, totes and purses that final, professional look.


Watch as Eileen Roche demonstrates how to use the curved edge board for pressing seams open without adding the imprint of the seam to the outer fabric.

The Sallie Tomato Handbag Pressing Station is also interchangeable with the Totally Tubular Station.  So if you already have the Totally Tubular Pressing or Hooping Station, then you can just add the curved boards.  What a great deal!


To watch the big reveal with Jessica of Sallie Tomato and learn more about how to use the Sallie Tomato Handbag Pressing Station, then watch Eileen Roche on her Facebook Live from September 30, 2021.  Enjoy!

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