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Hooping Options for Jean Jackets

Hooping a jean jacket can be a challenge, but we have several options to help.  It is good to have a few options, so let’s gather our supplies for embroidering on our jean jacket and get started!

First, let’s look at the designs we will be using, Just Jackets by Joanne Banko.  This features three collections of applique designs with charm elements for all areas of the jacket.  The rose collection, the folk art collection and the star collection boast several sizes to be stitched on the blank spaces of your jacket.

So, we have our designs, we want to gather our fabric for the appliques.  If you are thinking of the rose collection, then you might consider batiks or velveteen or even a lace fused to satin fabric.  There are so many choices.  Now, grab your jean jacket and think about the areas where you want to add the embroidery.

Next, which is a key ingredient, is the stabilizer.  For most denim today, there is spandex which is stretchy.  The best stabilizer is Exquisite Fusible No Show Cutaway or No Show Cutaway.  Use 2 layers behind the area of the jacket for best results.

Pull your threads for the designs and have them ready.  Then open your embroidery software, such as, Embroidery Tool Shed, bring in a design and print a template using Print & Stick Target Paper.  Cut out the template around the design and stick to the blank area of jacket.

Now, we have options for hooping the jean jacket.  One is using the Sticky Hoop.  Remove the paper backing of the sticky tear away stabilizer and place the jean jacket on the stabilizer using the centering guides on the hoop and the template to line it up.  You can also use the Pal 2 to help with lining it up exactly.

The other option is to use a large Snap Hoop Monster.  Hoop the jean jacket with the stabilizer attached to the back using the centering guides on the hoop and the template to line it up.  Again, use the Pal 2 to help with lining it up exactly.  If you find the jacket may fall into the stitching area, then you might want to use a new product, Jumbo Hoop Guard.

Listen in as Eileen shares why she designed and how to use the Jumbo Hoop Guard when hooping a jean jacket.

Once your jean jacket is hooped, then place on embroidery machine.  Line up the template with the needle.  Remove the template and stitch your embroidery design.  Repeat until your jean jacket is completely decorated with embroidery designs.  Now you are ready to wear your beautiful jean jacket.  If you want additional information, then watch Eileen Roche on Facebook Live from November 18, 2021.  Enjoy!