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Embroidery Tips & Techniques

Shimmer & Shine

Shimmer & Shine with Kingstar Metallic thread!  New fall colors are available!  Let’s talk about tips for stress-free stitching with this fabulous metallic thread.  Kingstar Metallic is made in Japan, used in the kimono industry, and the best anywhere.


One of the new colors in Kingstar Metallic is the new orange.  It is a deep, dark orange and perfect for the fall season.  Pair it with the purple metallic for some Halloween fun!  These two luscious colors are in the new Fall Quartet Metallic threads bundle with the copper and gold metallic.  Stitch these beautiful colors and threads for your fall projects on any type of fabric!

Kingstar Metallic thread is dependable on any machine, whether a single needle or multi needle embroidery machine.  It works in the top needle thread and bottom bobbin thread.   There are no limitations or special techniques for stitching.  Choose your needle according to your fabric and start stitching.  You will enjoy stitching with Kingstar and the fabulous results on your project!


There are several stitch types in your embroidery designs that will reflect the shimmer and shine of the metallic threads the best.  Satin stitches are one of the best since they are wider than just a run stitch.  Also, look for movement or wider and narrow satins in your embroidery design.  Chain stitches are another type of stitch where the metallic threads shimmer and shine.

Running stitches don’t really show off the metallic threads, unless they are quilting stitches on a darker fabric.  Or multiple running stitches which create a thread build up where the dense area really showcases the metallic shimmer and shine.  Especially those designs with shading areas using multiple running stitches.


If you are looking for impact with your stitches and metallic thread, then use skinny and wider satin stitches in your embroidery designs so the metallic shimmer and shines, reflecting off the curved edges.


What’s the secret to Kingstar Metallic thread?  Listen in as Eileen Roche shares the secret to Kingstar and how to store it.

Well, we discussed several stress-free tips, such as no special needle or techniques and the best type of stitches to produce shimmer & shine when stitching with Kingstar Metallic threads!  Which tip or tips will you try?  Hope you have fun stitching with the Kingstar Metallic thread this fall.  To see more tips and fall projects from Eileen Roche watch Facebook Live from October 21, 2021.  Enjoy!