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If you love jumbo designs but don’t have a jumbo hoop, you can easily split a design in Inspirations’ Perfect Embroidery Pro. Follow along with me to learn how.

Open a new file in Perfect Embroidery Pro. Click on the Monogram tool and select Mono17. Type in the letter P. Change the height to 6” and click Apply. Split1

Select the design on the screen and click on the Split Design icon. Split2

The Split Design screen appears. Click on the arrow in the Hoop field and select your hoop. I entered 130×180. The red boxes illustrate two hoopings: 1:1 and 2:1. You can move the boxes to select what portion of the design you want to stitch in the first and second hoop. It’s a good idea to move the boxes to split the design at a natural point. In this instance, where the upper right of the P meets the left leg of the P. Click on Split Preview to see the actually split.

The first hooping appears in the preview window.Split4

When you click in the second hooping area, the preview window changes to the second hooping. Split5

Toggle between the first and second hooping to view each individually. If you want to adjust the split, click on Split Preview again. Move the boxes around each portion of the design. Click on Split Preview again to see you changes.

Once you’re satisfied with the split, click Save and the software will save the design into two separate files and templates of both portions.Split6

Print a template of each design and send the designs to your machine. Splitting designs has never been easier.  Give it a try, this is a skill you’ll use over and over again!






  • Karen Poole

    Can you have a blog on matching up a split design when you embroider it? The split part is easy, it’s the hooping ang matching up both sides that I can’t get right!

  • JD

    I’m with Karen, the split isn’t too hard to get done but the matching up once you embroider is a horse of a different color. Good thing there are really large hoops out there.

  • Katherine Artines

    Hey there, Karen and JD. To help with lining up split designs, you may wish to watch the May 2016 PEP video Can You Do a Split? on the Inspired by DIME YouTube channel. There are some visuals in there that show you one of the ways to do it.

  • Barb smith

    Are there going to be more dime videos added to the you the channel

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