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Embroidery Tips & Techniques

Top 10 Questions Embroiderers Ask And the Answers!

Let’s discuss the top 10 questions embroiderers ask and the answers to those questions.  What questions would you ask?  What stabilizers to use for your projects?  How about what needles to use?  Many of the questions can be answered by using the Embroiderer’s Compass.  Embroidery expert Deborah Jones – author of Machine Embroidery on Difficult Materials – has developed an innovative solution to match the right stabilizer, needle, and fabric combination before you take your first stitch.

Just spin the dial until the pointer is on the fabric type that matches your project. The recommended stabilizer and needle types are displayed in corresponding windows. There’s even a window that displays Deborah Jones’ recommendations for working with each fabric type.

So, let’s get started with the top 10 questions.

  1. How do I get my embroidery to stitch out flat without puckers?

Great question!  First, be sure you use the proper tools, like, a good quality needle and thread, and a hoop close to the size of the embroidery.  Next, prepare the fabric by pressing and adding fusible stabilizer to wrong side, if needed.  And use the correct stabilizer.

  1. What’s the best needle to use for embroidery?

A good quality needle and a new needle if the previous one has been used several hours.

Also, select the needle according to the fabric.  For woven fabrics, use a sharp and for stretchy, knit fabrics, use a ballpoint.  Check out the Embroiderer’s Compass to see the type and size of needle recommended.

  1. How do I embroider on towels?

For a large fluffy bath towel, hoop the stabilizer only and baste the towel to the stabilizer or use a Snap Hoop Monster.  Add a water-soluble topper, such as Exquisite Water Soluble Topping.

  1. Why doesn’t the outline align with the design?

One reason might be because of color sorting the design on the embroidery machine so all the same colors can stitch at the same time, even though they are stitched in different places.  It is best to stitch the design as the digitizer created, as the results will be the best.  Also, make sure the project is well stabilized.

  1. What are some tips for choosing thread colors?

Here are a few – a) select fabric and then pull colors from the fabric, place the fabric and thread colors in a well-lighted room for a while to see if they work together, b) use the colored dots from the selvage edge of the fabric if still showing, c) use a color wheel to help with putting colors together.

  1. Will a magnetic hoop damage the machine?

Short answer is No.  The Snap Hoop Monsters have been heavily tested before they are released.  Also, the machines are highly insulated.

  1. What stabilizer should I use on a t-shirt?

Join Eileen as she shares the answer by showing how the Embroiderer’s Compass works.

8. How do I know what stabilizer to use?

Answer by using the Embroiderer’s Compass.  Choose the fabric and look in the window for the stabilizer(s).  There may be more than one option.

9. How do I land a design where I want it?

Print & Stick Target Paper is the best option.  Print your design on the template paper.  Trim around the design, remove backing, place on your project, line up the needle with center point and remove paper before stitching.  Great for garments and edge-to-edge quilting.

10. How can I learn how to do more with my embroidery machine?

Take classes and attend events, whether hands-on or virtual.  There are many options, including the Virtual Sewing Guild.

So, grab an Embroiderer’s Compass.  It’s like having Deborah Jones right in your sewing room! For more details, watch Eileen Roche and her guest, Margaret Moorehead, from the Virtual Sewing Guild on Facebook Live from April 14, 2022.  Enjoy!