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Organizing Fabrics

Although, I spent a good part of my summer working on the wedding dress, I also have been working on a My Block Piecer quilt. I’ll share the quilt with you in a few weeks – it’s almost done.  I learned so much during this process and I’ll share some of it with you here but your Inspiration dealers will be getting all of the instructions within the next month.  Early on in this project, I learned I would have to keep my fabrics, templates and patches organized if I was going to flip between sewing a wedding dress and a quilt!   Here’s how I managed keeping over 4,000,000 patches organized!*

When working with multiple fabric patches for blocks created in My Block Piecer, it’s easy to mix up the fabrics.  I keep my templates and fabrics organized with a simple method – tape, marker and a pin.Org1BL

First, I used the Cutter tool in My Block Piecer to create paper templates sized perfectly for my block.  Once I cut the templates apart, I taped a scrap of the fabric to the template and wrote the number of the patch on the template.  Then after all fabrics were cut, I pinned them together – paper with all corresponding patches.  Then the whole batch gets stored in a zip lock baggie.  I placed a label in the baggie, in this instance, Block 12. I know at a glance what block I’m working on and how many patches are in the block. Org2BL

When you’re working on multiple projects, take a few extra steps to stay organized! You’ll be glad you did when the bride shows up in all white instead of white with a patch of bright blue!

*4,000,000 patches – I made up that number. It wasn’t anywhere near 4 million but sometimes, it felt like it! But maybe I’ll count them for a future blog.