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It’s A Stitching Sisters Reunion

It’s a Stitching Sisters Reunion with Eileen Roche and sister, Marie Zinno. Many memories of traveling and teaching all over the United States were shared. Marie will share some of her favorite and challenging things to embroider as a commercial embroiderer. Also, we will discuss hooping on flatbed and tubular machines and one of our favorite products to help with hooping, the Hoop Mat! So, join us for this fun episode!

First, let’s discuss some of Marie’s tips and tricks as a commercial embroiderer. The easiest item to embroider is an animal head security blanket for little ones. Hoop the blanket part and embroider a name.

The most challenging is hats because there are so many different types of hats – unstructured, structured, floppy, etc. The most unique request was a leather cover for a gaming table using metallic thread (before KingStar Metallic Thread).

Special Heirloom items include handkerchiefs, christening gowns, baby blankets, etc. It is so fun to receive photos after giving away many of these items especially babies with their blankets.

The favorite gift to make or embroider is monogrammed towels. Place them all in a basket wrapped with tulle and tied with embroidered ribbon. What a fabulous gift idea for anyone!

Marie also shares some advice for someone new in the embroidery business. Be sure to get the design and blank in hand before quoting a price and better yet order it yourself.

Next, Eileen discusses the differences when stitching on flatbed and tubular machines. She uses the 4×4 or 8×8 Snap Hoop Monsters that work with tubular machine. She demonstrates how to hoop bags, onesies, and towels.

The Hoop Mat is an awesome tool to help keep the hoop from moving or sliding when trying to hoop your fabric or project. Listen in as Eileen Roche shows how to hoop.

Another great tip when using the Hoop Mat is to keep the rotary cutter away from it! It is made from silicon, not a healing material like a cutting mat, so it will have a cut mark or be in two pieces.

Be sure to watch Eileen Roche and sister Marie Zinno on Facebook Live from June 23, 2022, for their memories of traveling together, Marie’s tips and tricks, and Eileen hooping on tubular Snap Hoop Monsters. Enjoy!

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