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Quilting with Your Embroidery Machine

Quilting with your embroidery machine can seem like a daunting task; however, we are going to break it down into small steps.  It is simple and easy with a few tips and tricks.  We will discuss where to start, design options, stick the placement, and managing large quilts.  The Weightless Quilter is the solution for handling the weight of large quilts with its flex poles and easy to assemble floor frame.  So, let’s get started.

First, we want to layer our quilt with backing, batting, and top.  Baste together using large quilters safety pins.  Mark the center of the quilt as that is where we will start quilting.

Second, we want to choose our design.  There are many outline quilting designs, which are just run stitches, to choose from.  You might want to start with a closed design as it is easier to line up.  Another type of design is a nesting design, which requires more precise placement.  Once you select your design, we are ready for placement.

Third, print a template, using Print & Stick Target Paper of your design.  Trim around the design.  Peel off the paper and place the adhesive template in the center of your quilt.  Place your bottom frame of your Snap Hoop Monster on your embroidery machine.  Place the quilt with template over the bottom frame.  Line up the center of the template with your needle.  Put the top frame in place, pulling on the quilt to center if needed.  Remove the template.  Stitch the first design.

Remove the top frame and place the template on the next desired section lining up the stitches and center point.  Move the quilt in place and line up center with needle.  Put the top frame in place, pulling on the quilt to center if needed.  Line up the first stitch.  Also, be sure the design is lined up horizontally and vertically.  Remove the template.  Stitch the next design.

Listen in as Ashley Jones walks you through the steps.

Lastly, if you are embroidering a large quilt, then use the Weightless Quilter to handle the bulk of the quilt.  Put your floor frame together and place around your embroidery machine table.  Add the template to the desired place on the quilt.  Position the quilt on the bottom frame of the Snap Hoop Monster.  Line up the center and put the top frame in place.  Place the corners of the quilt in the fabric clips to hold the quilt as it sways while quilting.

For additional information on quilting with your embroidery machine, watch Ashley Jones on Facebook Live from April 28, 2022.  Enjoy!