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Applique Precut or Trim in the Hoop!

Machine embroidery applique features two different methods of preparing the applique fabric.  Precut or Trim in the Hoop are the options.  Most embroidery applique designs feature the Trim in the Hoop method.  Also, we are going to discuss how to precut the fabric pieces if you don’t have a digital cutter.  DIME Print & Stick Target Paper can be used for quilting but also for precutting your fabric pieces for embroidered applique designs.

First, let’s discuss when to Precut or Trim in the Hoop.  Trim in the Hoop is placing a piece of fabric over the placement line.  Stitch the tackdown, remove the hoop from the machine (but not the fabric out of the hoop!), and using small, curved embroidery scissors, trim away the excess fabric.  Be sure to trim close so the fabric doesn’t show through the satin stitching or cover stitch.  Put the hoop back on the machine and stitch the remainder of the design.  Trim in the Hoop is best for simple shapes, like circles and rectangles.  It is also best with raw edge applique, so the stitching line covers the fabric.

Precut is cutting the fabric prior to stitching the applique design. Use a digital cutter, print a paper template, or print an adhesive template to place on fabric to cut the shape.  Precut is best for odd shapes, spiky elements, Y-seams, and inner corners. Also, for inner openings, for example – windows in a vehicle.  Other places include E-stitch applique, also known as the blanket stitch; multiples, as in several appliques; and last, fussy cutting. Here’s a great tip:  place an adhesive template using Print & Stick Target Paper on the fabric for auditioning.

So, now let’s discuss how to precut using the Print & Stick Target Paper. Simply print your applique design templates on the rough side of the adhesive Target Paper. Leave a piece of the paper backing on the template so when you place on the fabric it is easier to pull off the fabric.

Listen in as Eileen Roche shares how to precut using the Print & Stick Target Paper.

That’s a great idea for using the Print & Stick Target Paper.  Hopefully, you are more familiar with when to precut or trim in the hoop.  To see examples of trim in the hoop and precut applique, and learn more about Patch and Applique Maker Software, which is great for making and working with applique designs, then be sure to watch Eileen Roche on Facebook Live from May 12, 2022.  Enjoy!