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What Every Embroiderer Should Know About Bobbins

Bobbins are what every embroiderer should know about to have the best embroidery results.  Bobbins are often overlooked; however, they play an important part in the embroidery process.

Sew Steady Bobbins are available in a variety of styles and options.  They provide a steady, even flow of high-quality continuous filament polyester thread allowing you to stitch to the last inch of thread.

You will want to know about using the correct size of bobbin, know the thread types available, whether to use prewound or wind your own, and how to keep the bobbin thread on the bottom.

There are two main sizes – size L, which are for the cylinder arm machines whether single or multi-needle, and size A, which are for most table top machines and also called Class 15 bobbins.

There are also two main thread types for the Sew Steady Bobbins – Continuous filament polyester, which is a thin, light thread and smooth appearance, size 70/2, and the Spun polyester, which is cotton-like in appearance with more texture, easy to control tension, and size 60/2.

In the example below, the top thread is the Continuous filament polyester, and the bottom is the Spun polyester.

So, now, how do you know when to use prewound or wind your own thread?  First, make sure your machine can use prewound bobbins.  You can check in your owner’s manual or with your local dealer.  Next, what embroidery project are you preparing for?  Are you making freestanding lace?  Are you quilting?  Are you stitching a design on another fabric?  Most prefer to wind their own bobbins when choosing a bobbin thread to match the top thread like for making freestanding lace or for quilting.  If you are stitching a design on another fabric and the bobbin thread is not going to be seen, then you might want to use a prewound bobbin if your machine can use them.  Remember to check out the Sew Steady Bobbins, available in several options.

Keeping the bobbin thread on the bottom of your embroidery design is not just ideal, but attainable!  Listen in as Eileen Roche and Deborah Jones share some ways to solve this problem.


Do you want to know more about bobbins?  Here is another resource about bobbins, The Humble Bobbin. And you can watch Eileen Roche and Deborah Jones on Facebook Live from March 10, 2022 to learn more about bobbins.  Enjoy!