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Dogs, Cats, & Doors!

Hello Embroidery Friends!

On today’s live we revealed a special new product: Stipple! Dogs. These adorable quilt blocks perfect for ALL skill levels was inspired by our very own office dogs (we share photos of them in our live video). We gave a tutorial on how to stitch your Stipple! dog and we also walked through how Eileen created her February door! Yes we revealed our February door today as well. Watch the rebroadcast below!

For a limited time only, get your Stipple! Dog on sale with FREE shipping when you use code “FSSTPD131”.

Download your free February door design when you CLICK HERE. Don’t forget to share  your finished door on your personal social media pages using the hashtags #dimedoor and #dimesewalong ! We can’t wait to share what you create!


Happy Stitching!


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  • Janet Sutherland

    Got my first puppy at 65 yrs old, had her for 4 years now and cannot imagine my life without her.

  • Ann Cotton

    Hooray for Stipple Dogs! I hoped you would create one. I have Stipple Cats, and Butterflies, and hope you’ll create Stipple Horses so I can make and send favorites to each family member. Next will be Cows, Chickens, and one for Popular Farm Animals.

  • Lz Teaff

    Is it possible to get the January door design?

  • Judy H

    I am new to embroidery and would love to do the dime sew along doors. i have “purchased” the jan and feb but cannot figure out how to download them? I see in my account that they are there but I don’t see a download button. Please help! What don’t I know