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Weightless Quilter

Quilting your quilt on your embroidery machine is easier with the Weightless Quilter.  We are going to discuss the steps needed to help you get your quilt finished.

First, we want to get the Weightless Quilter out of the box and ready to use.  Depending on your embroidery machine setup, you may not use all the components in the box.  It will depend on the amount of space you have around the machine.  If you have a small table with just the embroidery machine in the middle, then you can use only two floor bars with poles.  With a larger space you can use 3 or 4 floor bars with poles.  The thin poles are more flexible and will bend more with the quilt.  For more information about setting up your Weightless Quilter, you can read Weightless Quilter:  How to Use It + How to Set It Up!

Next, prepare the quilt sandwich.  Pool noodles work great!  How you ask?  Use one pool noodle or tape two together for wider quilts to roll the back wrong side up.  Start off with pinning right into the pool noodle to get it started.  Then use another pool noodle or again two taped together for wider quilt to roll the quilt top right side up.  Unroll a portion of the back on your table and place the batting over the back.  Then unroll a portion of the top over the batting and backing.  Pin baste in place with curved safety pins.  Continue unrolling and basting until the quilt is pinned together.

Once you have your Weightless Quilter and quilt sandwich prepared, then we are ready to break down the quilting into zones or quadrants.  Usually, we will have to hoop multiple times depending on the size of our embroidery design and the hoop.  Here is a great tip for sizing your embroidery design.  Listen in as Eileen shares.

Last, we are ready to quilt.  Grab your Snap Hoop Monster and hoop your quilt.  Place on your embroidery machine and start stitching.  It is best to start close to the center of the quilt.  Also, use the same weight of thread in the top and bottom, even if different colors.  You will probably need to move the fabric in the clamps as you move throughout the quilt.  Try to allow the quilt to move easily.  Continue stitching until you are finished with your quilt!

For more information about the Weightless Quilter, then watch Eileen Roche on Facebook Live from December 3, 2021.  Enjoy!




  • Harris

    I prefer this blog because it has much more informative stuff.

  • Brenda Krigner-Himmelrick

    Hi Eileen, I have been looking for the pattern that you did with Nancy on how to quilt with your machine. I loved it and wish I could find it. It was the grey fabric where you made like a flower with 3-4 different fabric’s.

    Thanks for your help.

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