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Quilt, Then Piece!

Quilt, Then Piece, or also Quilt as You Go on your embroidery machine is a fabulous technique.  It is different than Edge to Edge quilting your quilts.  With Edge to Edge, the blocks are pieced to create a quilt top.  The quilt top is layered with batting and backing, and the quilting is stitched through all the layers.  The Snap Hoop Monster which comes in larger than 6×10 sizes is a perfect hoop for quilting your quilts.  Add the Jumbo Hoop Guard for a winning combination.  The Jumbo Hoop Guard creates a barrier, so the quilt doesn’t fall into the hoop while stitching those beautiful quilting designs.

Listen in as Eileen Roche shares the benefits of using the Jumbo Hoop Guard on your larger Snap Hoop Monsters.

So, how do we quilt, then piece or quilt as you go?  First, you will stitch out your quilting design on your layered fabric; top fabric, batting and backing.  Here’s a great tip:  cut strips x width of top fabric, batting and backing, and layer.  Hoop close to one end of the strip and stitch your design.  Move the hoop 2” or so and hoop again.  Stitch the design.  Repeat for the layered strip.

Once finished stitching your quilt blocks.  Cut them to the size needed.  For large quilt blocks, use ½” seam allowance, so trim ½” away from the stippling.  For smaller quilt blocks, use ¼” seam allowance.

Now we are ready for making the sashing pieces.  If you are using ½” seam allowance, then cut your strip 4 x the seam allowance which will be a 2” strip.  Finished sashing strip will be 1”.  If you are using ¼” seam allowance, again cut your strip 4x the seam allowance, which will be a 1” strip.  Finished sashing strip will be ½”.

For the reversible piecing technique, with right sides together, place front sashing to front of block and place back sashing to back of block.  (Like a sandwich with quilt block in the middle).

Stitch.  Press only the top sashing piece away.  Align and place the next block to top sashing, right sides together.  Stitch.  Press seam.

Now, let’s finish up with the back sashing.  Press.  Turn under raw edge ¼” or half the seam allowance.  Tack in place with a bead of glue (Elmer’s glue will work).  Turn block over and stitch in the ditch.  Trim away excess sashing.  Use a decorative stitch down the middle of the sashing if desired.  Continue adding blocks and sashing to finish your quilt!

Stipple! Butterflies is a great example using the Reversible Piecing technique and quilt as you go on your embroidery machine.  It also features applique.  Stipple! Seashells is also seen in the photo above.

Quilt, Then Piece, or Quilt as you go on your embroidery machine is a simple, fun technique.  For more details and inspiration, watch Eileen Roche on Facebook Live from March 17, 2022.  Enjoy!

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