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Quilt with Your Embroidery Machine

Learning to quilt with your embroidery machine is much easier than you might think!  We are going to dive into a great resource, Quilt With An Embroidery Machine in 8 easy lessons by Eileen Roche.  This book features the process of quilting your quilt with an embroidery machine.  Projects using nesting designs, edge-to-edge continuous line designs, or custom designs are provided along with step-by-step instructions.

The reversible piecing technique discussed in the previous week’s blog, Quilt, Then Piece!, is also featured in the book.  Also, applique embroidery designs and stacking your fabrics then trimming all at once is discussed.

Nesting designs, which feature a single closed design are easy to stitch.  Quilt With An Embroidery Machine in 8 easy lessons shows step-by-step illustrations and instructions on how to plan out the quilting using the nesting designs.  Listen in as Eileen Roche and Ashley Jones discuss nesting designs and how to plan out the quilting.

Another technique is using a single design to land it in an area of the quilt.  We call this custom quilting.  The area may be a circle, square, hexagon, diamond, etc.  In the example below, you will see one design for the diamond shape and other designs in the solid shapes.

Edge to edge quilting uses continuous line designs that connect.  The Happy Flower design, which is seen on the front cover of the book, features a left design and a right design, and half designs.  The purpose is so that you can connect the designs creating a continuous line edge to edge quilting design on your quilt, just like a long arm quilter.  The half designs are available if you need a partial design along the edges of the quilt.

The easiest way to line up the designs is to print the designs on Print & Stick Target Paper.  Line up the last stitch on the quilt with the first stitch of the template paper.  Move the needle to the first stitch and make sure the arrows are aligned with the needle too.  Stitch the design and continue.  Again, step-by-step instructions are in the book.

Quilt with an Embroidery Machine in 8 easy lessons was featured on one of the last filmed Sewing with Nancy PBS shows.  Eileen Roche and Ashley Jones discuss the book and being on the Sewing with Nancy show in more detail on Facebook Live from March 24, 2022.  Enjoy!