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Multi-Needle Monday: Embroidered Sheer Ribbon

Happy Multi-needle Monday! I have to be honest but some weeks I struggle to find a new interesting technique to share with you for my blog. I really want the blog to be helpful and educational, so this week I will teach how to embroider on sheer wired ribbon.

Embroidered ribbon can be a beautiful accent to a monogrammed towel set, a bow on a wreath, tied around a present or even around the neck of a teddy bear. Through the many years of owning my embroidery business, embroidered ribbon is always popular and yet unexpected. Most customers have never seen a sheer ribbon stitched and used as an embellishment. Here is my technique and it works every time. I hope you have a chance to try it.


Step One: Measure the overall length of the bow desired. Before you cut the ribbon audition it on the package or stuffed animal or gift and note the length needed to tie a generous bow. Mark the length with masking tape and cut the ribbon. My go-to measurement for a bow around a large teddy bear is 36 inches.

Step Two: Place the water soluble stabilizer in your hoop along with the ribbon; position the ends of the ribbon parallel to each other. It is very important that the ribbon is taut in the hoop. Place a few pieces of masking tape on the ribbon edges for extra stability.sheer ribbon1BLsheer ribbon2BL

Step Three: Use the text at your embroidery machine to easily set up the size and spacing of letters as you progress. I only set up one line (or end) of ribbon at a time.sheer ribbon3BL Use the “trace” feature to assure the text will fit inside the width of the ribbon. If you have the scanning feature or live camera you can use these tools instead of “trace” function.sheer ribbon4BLsheer ribbon5BL

Step Four: Use the jog keys on the screen to position the text at one end of the ribbon. Embroider the one end with a name or message. Delete design after embroidery is complete and set up text for opposite ribbon end. Use trace feature to make sure the text will fit inside the ribbon and stitch.

Step Five: Remove the stabilizer and ribbon from hoop. Carefully peel away the stabilizer from the back of ribbon. Use tweezers in small loops. I do not like to wet the stabilizer because it leaves a residue in the text.sheer ribbon7BLsheer ribbon8BLsheer ribbon9BL

Step Six: If the gift is for a baby, remove the wire from the ribbon; take a pair of tweezers and pull on the wire from one end and pull. The wire will easily slip out of the ribbon. Repeat for opposite side of ribbon. After the stabilizer is removed tie the ribbon around the neck of a bear, manipulate the ribbon as needed for the text to be read properly.bear1BL

The same technique was used for towel basket ribbon.basket3BL

Materials Used

Wired sheer organza ribbon in a wide width (2 or 2.5 inches)

Light weight water soluble stabilizer (usually called topper), 10 inch wide roll


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  • Linda A

    I don’t have a multi-needle machine but it looks like I can do the same with my single needle machine. Awesome! Thank you for the instructions.

    • marie zinno

      You sure’s actually easier because you have the bed of the machine to “rest” the hoop on. I wanted to show how it can be done without a table or standard machine bed to support the hoop.Thanks for reading.

  • Marsha

    Thanks for the instructions. It’s look like easy for beginners like me. Tonight, i’ll practice with my multi-needle machine.

  • LC

    Thank you! I always enjoy reading what I can do with my basic single needle machine. I really appreciate your sharing this nice idea!

  • Joanne

    Simple, yet beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial Marie. Amazing how personalization takes a gift from so so to spectacular!

  • Judy

    I just saved some ribbon that came on a stuff animal to try this on. Came at the right time.

  • Carol

    Adorable on the ribbon for the teddy bear and the ribbon for the wedding present. Thank you so much for sharing the instructions.

  • Sharon R

    I really need to try this! I bought some ribbon for a gift last Spring, then chickened out on doing the ribbon, but I have two sets of towels for house warmings to do and this is the perfect way to wrap them up.

  • Clem

    This looks like a fabulous “extra” gift. Gift wrapped with a gift….

  • JD

    This is such a pretty idea and you made it look easy enough for me to try on my single needle machine. Thanks again for your blog.

  • Doree shandera

    THANK YOU. This was a fabulous post. Great idea and fantastic directions. Going to try it soon!

  • marie zinno

    Thanks everyone, I’m so glad you liked the project. Good luck with the ribbon.

  • Virginia Barrett

    You make no reference to the size and type of needle. I have read that you should use a ball point needle. What do you recommend?

  • TNC

    With this machine I can embroider anything I like

  • Bruce

    I enjoy reading it. Thank you for the great instructions.