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Spotted on garments, chalkboards, wood signs and even glassware, open, airy fonts are the rage. It’s easy to get the same look if you have Inspirations’ Perfect Embroidery Pro.  Follow along and you’ll be stitching this look in no time.

Open a new screen in Perfect Embroidery Pro (PEP).  Go to File, Import TT (True Type Fonts).

Select a script font from any true type font installed on your computer. Write the message in the text field and place 500 in the size field. Click OK.

The text appears on the screen.  To produce the best stitch file, meld the connecting elements.  Select the o and v, right click, Shaping and Meld.

See how the o and v are one continuous line and do not overlap like the v and the e? 

That’s the looks you’re going for.  At this time, the ov is one unit and the e is a separate element.

Select the ov and e, right click, Shaping and Meld.

Select all, right click, Convert to Complex Fill.

With Love selected, change the Fill Type in the Properties Box to Contour. Click Apply.  Change the density to 1.0 and the stitch length to 2.6. And there’s your sketchy font!

I just learned this trick from one of our education consultants, Tina Bartelmay.  Tina is an embroidery whiz – she uses PEP everyday – evident in her awesome samples!  Catch her at upcoming DIME event at a dealer near you.  Click here to learn more about Tina.

Thanks for sharing this great tip, Tina!

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  • lea leroux

    very good instructions

  • Kate

    What is Perfect Embroidery Pro?
    Will it work for my Deluxe Ruby?
    Is it just for fonts?
    …. what else can I do? Create my own designs … or combine some I already have purchased with my own wording to go along with the purchased designs?

    I’ve had my embroidery machine just over a year. No lessons. Am learning on my own. Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

  • Ann Mcconnell

    Software will not send notes to my email account

  • fix author

    That was a very helpful tutor about how to make your own unique print. I have just found a present for my boyfriend for a birthday. I hope I will do something like that without any mistake. Thank you for the tutorial.