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Multi-Needle Monday: Quick and Easy Set Up for Multiples

Get back to basics with stitching on multiple items. Take time to plan your order or project before you start to stitch. Test the embroidery design on a fabric similar to the final garment. Always keep a stash of various fabrics on hand to test your embroidery designs before stitching on an expensive shirt or other item. I recently received an order for 12 ladies t-shirts for a doctor office. The women are attending a trade show and are representing their office. The logo will be stitched on the upper center portion of the t-shirt.

Step One: To achieve the best results print a template of the design from your embroidery software on tracing paper or vellum of the exact size of the design desired. Trim the excess paper around the design.multiple2BL

If you do not have embroidery software, stitch out the design on felt and embroider in a contrasting color. Place tracing paper on top of the stitched design and draw with a marker the outline of the design. It is a primitive way to make a template but it does work.

Step Two: Iron fusible poly mesh or no show mesh cut away stabilizer to the inside of each t-shirt in the upper front chest area. Cut the stabilizer larger than the hoop you will be using.multiple1BL

For this design a 5×7 Multi-needle Monster Snap Hoop will be used. Turn the t-shirt right side out after ironing the stabilizer in place.

Step Three: Place the printed template on the upper center area of the t-shirt and slide a target sticker underneath the template where the cross hair is printed on template. Line up the target sticker’s cross-hair with the template’s cross-hair.multiple3BL

Remove the printed template and repeat steps for the remaining t-shirts.multiple4BL

Step Four: Hoop the t-shirt in appropriate size hoop (5×7 Multi-needle Monster Snap Hoop shown in image below). Slide the bottom teal color magnetic frame inside the t-shirt. Attach the top metal frame and line up the bottom and frames.multiple5BL

Make sure the target sticker is centered as best as possible in the frame. Adjust the fabric if you see puckers. The t-shirt fabric should be taut.

Step Five: Position the hoop on the embroidery machine through the neckline. Feel underneath the hoop to check for excess fabric under the hoop. Double check that you have the correct embroidery design on the screen and it is set up in the proper orientation. Line up the needle bar with the target sticker’s cross-hair. Use the tracing feature to assure that the design is within the hoop’s perimeter.multiple6BL

Step Six: Remove the target sticker when aligned. Add water soluble to the top of knit fabric and tack down with basting file.

Step Seven: After embroidery is complete, re-iron the stabilizer from the wrong side of fabric to release the adhesive. Trim away the excess stabilizer around the embroidery design.

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