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Embroidery Tips & Techniques Multi-Needle

Multi-Needle Monday- Personalized Christmas Stocking

It’s that time of the year again….time to handle the tricky task of stitching a Christmas stocking. Every year I am approached by customers who need their family Christmas stockings personalized. There are endless styles, sizes, and fabrics of stockings and I have embroidered them all. I will share my quick and painless technique for stitching the cuff area of a Christmas stocking. I always use a Target Ruler and target stickers.

Products used: Tear away stabilizer, Target Ruler contained in Hoop it Up book, target sticker, Snap Monster Hoop for Quick Snap (4X4, 5X7 combo with attachment).

Step 1: Find the exact center of the cuff by using our Target Ruler, insert a target sticker into the center hole (make sure the arrow on cross hair is facing in the proper orientation for the name to be stitched). Remove the ruler and keep the target sticker in place.stocking1BLstocking2BL

Step 2: Turn the stocking inside out with the target sticker still in place. stocking3BLstocking4BLMake sure the stocking cuff will slide over the Monster Snap Hoop frame. Remove the arms of the embroidery machine and attach the metal attachment of the Monster Snap Hoop.stocking5BLstocking6BL

Step 3: Measure the opening of the metal frame to make sure the text will fit inside the hoop.stocking7BL Always use the “trace” feature before adding the garment or stocking onto the hoop . The embroidery machine does not “read” this hoop so you have to be certain the embroidery design or text will fit inside and adjust it if needed.

Step 4: Add a piece of tear away stabilizer to the top of the metal frame and hold in place with tape under the frame; slide the cuff onto the frame.stocking8BL Rotate the text to stitch in the right direction.stocking9BL Remove the target sticker when the needle is aligned with the cross hair on target sticker.stocking10BLstocking11BLstocking12BL

Step 5: Embroider the text or name and remove the stocking from the hoop. Turn right side out.

*Sometimes you only have one hoop size that will fit over the stocking cuff. Therefore, adjust the text size to make the job easier to embroider. Always use the trace feature to double check that the embroidery will fit inside the hoop selected before stitching.

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  • Lynda

    Our sewing club donates 100 or so stockings each year but we embroider designs on the body of the stocking and have to rip the stitches out to fit in the hoop area.
    Your method of embroidering the cuff is wonderful.

    • marie zinno

      Thank you for reading the blog, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  • Amy

    For those of use without multi needle machines, do you have any suggestions for how to hoop the stocking or maybe it is in a previous blog post and I missed it.

    • marie zinno

      I would suggest removing a side seam and position the cuff flat on your hoop. Use a sticky tear away stabilizer and a basting file to hold in place.

      • Amy

        Thank you! I learn so much for your blog and enjoy your DIME products.

  • Karen

    Do you place the stocking the same way as you would a pant leg?


    Are your stickers for any embroidery machines? I have a Janome MC9700

  • Adeline Apple

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