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Monogram Mishap

It’s that busy time of the year for everyone; and especially true if you own a commercial embroidery business. We stitch and sell the items that most people put under the tree, not to mention stitching, cooking and shopping for our own families. I am grateful for my flexible schedule and choice of profession, but during the holidays I do second guess myself. As long as the orders are completed by the due date and look professionally done I am ready to move ahead with the next item.

Once in a while I move ahead too quickly and misspell a name or the order of the letters on a monogram. I have to admit that my eyesight has definitely declined recently, and the “readers” are all over the studio. I know I am not alone in this situation.readersblThis photo was taken at an office while I was getting my car registration.

A customer ordered 3 appliquéd monogrammed bath towels for her daughters. The appliqué fabric was a colorful Lilly Pulitzer brand. I mistakenly read my order form and stitched SBR when it should have been SBT in a script font. Luckily, the embroidery was on the fabric and was very easy to remove.

When removing the embroidered stitches, always work from the back of the fabric when possible. Purchase the Peggy Stitch Eraser! This tool has been invaluable to my business. Do not purchase am electric shaver, it is not the same. The tool works best if the stabilizer is still intact, use it gently and at an angle. I suggest testing it on a sample before an original.lily-towel1bllily-towel2bl The tool will remove the majority of bobbin stitches and you will still need a traditional seam ripper along with sharp tweezers, good lighting and your “readers”. Gently hold the Peggy Stitch eraser and start to cut the bobbin stitches from the back of fabric. Flip the fabric over and use the seam ripper as needed. I like to use the tweezers to pull out the loose threads.lily-towel3bl

Rehoop the towel along with the tear away stabilizer in the appropriate size hoop. The bigger the hoop, the easier it is to position the new letter for the monogram.lilytowel4bl The new initial “T” is going to be stitched on the appliqué fabric next to the “S”. The scanning function will be used to precisely place the letter.lilytowel5bllilytowel6bl The “T” is shown in black because it is much easier to see on the screen when adjusting the location. The zoom feature helps you to clearly see if the letter or design is in the proper place.lily-towel8bl

To change the thread color view ,touch the edit screen and use the jog keys.lily-towel9bllilytowel10bl Now you have a realistic view of exactly how the new monogram will look.

The final fix! The corrected monogram is a success.

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  • Lynda Case

    Thank goodness I’m not the only one who messes up on things at the most inopportune time

  • Heather

    Please can you tell me which machine you are using? I can’t recall seeing one like yours here in South Africa. Thank you Heather

    • eileenroche

      Heather, Marie stitches on a Baby Lock 10-needle machine.

  • Alicia Key

    I had to rip a whole name out last weekend! I did it upside down on the cuff I’d taken off the stocking. Working from the back side is the only way to go.

  • eileenroche

    Hey Sister! Love your reader collection! If shoes were the fashion accessories for 40 year olds, then readers are the go-to accessory for the next decade.

  • Tee

    I love that little camera~!!!!! It has literally save me hours of work trying to line up designs!!!!

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  • Nancy Hughes

    Oh, thank you, wished I had this tool now, and also glad that you told me about just working on the back and using the tweezers, I had a red thread I was suppose to use on a patter and used red, and well, tried to take it out.
    My mistake was working on white and ran the red thread over, the white material.
    Just decided to get a new set of placemats and do the job again.
    I was working with a hand razor. Finally will be glad to get this, how do I purchase this Peggy Stitch Eraser? I have other mistakes to take out of other materials.

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  • Bruce

    Great post, I hope I have that tool. Thanks for sharing.


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  • Mary Holmes

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  • Aimme Aimme

    Thank you for your great explanation about monogram mishap.But i have one query can i use these monogram mishap on my Thor costume designs or not?

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