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The Machine Embroidered T-shirt


I’m just tickled pink that my latest class on Craftsy, The Machine Embroidered T-shirt, has launched! If you’re not familiar with Craftsy, it’s an excellent platform for learning intricate techniques. So I was thrilled when they decided to offer this class.

My goals in teaching this class were to make garments that you would truly want to wear and make garments that really teach technique.  I think I did that. But you can be the judge. Here’s a look at the t-shirts.


And some of the designs:


The techniques include stabilizing knits, continuous embroidery, free-standing applique, learning how to work with placement guides and neckline transformations.  All of Crafty’s classes are very thorough – they never let instructors leave you hanging for more details. And if you have a question, you can ask the teacher. Just type your question on the discussion board just to the right of the video and you’ll get an answer within 24 hours – often much sooner.

When I taught my first class on Craftsy, the Machine Embroidered Quilt, Craftsy taped my videos segments in my studio in Dallas. This time, they encouraged me to head to their place. I happily agreed because I love new experiences and it was scheduled for March in Denver. You know, Spring skiing!  Yippee! Oh wait, we’re talking about education here.

So let me give you a guided tour through the Craftsy studio.  First, you pull into this fun office park.


And since I’m nosy, I mean curious, I peeked into one of the nearby offices across the parking lot from Craftsy.  And this is what I spotted. I think I should hang this in my studio!


But since I was at Craftsy, I already had all of my ‘stuff done’. Good thing because once I entered this door, it was game on!


You can tell by the soundproofing insulation that improvements are always being made at Craftsy.


And props are handy.


And sets are stripped down and rebuilt in just no time.


But like any great company – Craftsy is all about the people. I was blessed with a terrific team – Andrew Harris, Tonya Nelson, and Nicole Perry.


We spent three full days together, had a ton of laughs and wrapped some very decent footage.  After that, I headed to the ski slopes with my sweet husband while the Craftsy crew put their heads together and produced a powerful class on machine embroidery on t-shirts for you.

And just for you, my dedicated readers, you can use this special link to receive 50% off my Machine Embroidered T-Shirt class! I hope you’ll check it out.

Here’s your assignment this week:

Go over and give Craftsy a looksy! Tell us what classes interest you or if you’ve already taken a class on Craftsy – tell us what you love about it. One lucky reader will receive a link for a complimentary download of Eileen’s new class, The Machine Embroidered T-Shirt!

The winner of last week’s assignment is:

We love Nancy and know you do too! Leave us a comment on the best thing you’ve learned from Nancy over the years and we’ll pick 4 random winners to receive items from the Nancy Zieman Sew Knits with Confidence blog tour. Up for grabs; one winner will get the Sew Knits with Confidence book + Newport Pullover pattern featured in this blog, our second winner gets the Monterey Knit Collection pattern, next up for grabs is a Santa Fe Dress & Top pattern and the last, but not least, winner will get a Cape Cod Jacket pattern – all by Nancy Zieman!

And the winners are…


  • Prize 1 – Barb G
  • Prize 2 – Carol S
  • Prize 3 – Belinda B
  • Prize 4 – Savanna


Congratulations to all our winners!




  • PD

    I sew want to learn how to do this process!

  • Sue

    I have enrolled in several Craftsy classes. Now I just need to make the time to actually start taking them. I’m especially looking forward to the “Tailoring Ready-to-Wear” and “Sew the Perfect Fit” classes.

    I’d be overjoyed to win Eileen Roche’s class on The Machine Embroidered T-Shirt. I do a lot of embroidery and this just looks like such a fun class.

  • Beth

    I LOVE Craftsy! I have taken several classes and love them!

  • Maxine

    Have taken several classes. Love that you can go back anytime and take again. SAome classes I haven’t started yet.

  • Virginia

    I have been a member of Craftsy for slmost a year now and have taken both block of the month classes. I also posted a few pictures over the year of different projects I accomplished. I would love to take your class Eileen. I do lots of embroidery but always seem to have an issue with T-shirts. I am sure your class would help me tremendously.

  • Karen U.

    I have taken several Craftsy classes, including your Machine embroidery quilt. I’d love love love to win the t-shirt class. Thanks!

  • Millie

    Just bought an endless hoop. What a way to break it in!

  • Ginger

    I would love to win the class on machine T-Shirt embroidery with you, Eileen! I have enrolled in many Craftsy classes and like that you can always go back to where you left off! These are wonderful classes to have anytime! This would be a nice gift for my anniversary yesterday of 42 years! Thanks for all of your embroidery skills that you pass on to us!

  • Vicki L in MN

    I have signed up for a few classes at Craftsy and am very glad I can go back at my convenience, it makes it well worth the price of the class. Winning this class would be awesome!

    Are the designs included with the class?

    • Vicki L in MN

      I never win these things, so I just signed up! Printed my supply list and will pick those items up this week. I’m jazzed!

  • Micklene Mckenzie

    It’s been so much fun looking at the class. I’ve been checking out the free classes to see if they were “worth” taking. Boy am I glad I came across Craftsy. I’ve had a lot off fun. I have had a serger for two years used twice. I’ve learned a lot, am not afraid to use it now. I hope I win, would love to use my new serger on T-shirts!

  • irene olsen

    I love craftsy,, they have such diverse classes and make them so simple ot understand.. They are really inspiring,,, so now I will turn my computer off and get some sh*t done! 🙂

  • Julie Birbeck

    I found Craftsy last year & have taken lots of classes since then. I love this way if learning and the range of classes is fantastic. Most of the courses that I have done are sewing / quilting ones , but I have recently discovered the cooking ones too.

  • Celeste Hemby

    I love machine embroidery. I would love to win the Craftsy Embroidered Tshirt class.

  • Anne Rita

    I lvoe Craftsy! I have taken your class The machine embroidered quilt and quite a few free classes. I am now finishing a big quilt that I startet after taking the class Pixelated quilts. I also loved that they taped the lectures at QuiltCon and let you watch them for free! 🙂

    Thanks for the classes and the giveaway!

  • Rita Dougherty

    Love Craftsy. What a great idea, making learning so easy and so inexpensive. I bought several classes as well as the freebies BOM class. I’m not that lucky so don’t expect to win but just had to plug Craftsy.

  • Carolyn Hutchinson

    I love Craftsy! I’ve already take a couple of classes and have a huge wishlist of more that I would like to do.

  • kbo

    I want this skill to improve my machine embroidery work….knits terrify me! This is Craftsy class for me.

  • LeAnne L

    I’m really wanting to take one of the free motion quilting classes, but can’t decide which one, so I haven’t signed up for any yet.

  • Molly K.

    I took my first class from Craftsy about a year ago and learned a new way to sandwich a quilt together. Recently took Carol Doaks paper piecing class and enjoyed it. At Christmas I embroidered a shirt for each of my sisters, using a design from Eileen. It’s time to make something for me. So pick me and I well take the time to reward myself, for once!!

  • Mj chava

    Hello. I’m new to machine embroidery but love it. Just purchased the class..

  • Janet Payne

    I have watched a couple of Craftsy classes but am looking forward to watching the rest of what I’ve downloaded. Would love to get this class, sounds very useful!

  • Carol Goertz

    I surf Craftsy all the time. I have never taken one of the classes. I love to machine embroidery but have never had any classes on it. Who knows maybe I will win this class and be hooked.

  • Patti Lynch

    I love the Craftsy format and watch my instructors instead of TV. I am enrolled I several classes and am blown away by the quality of instructors, content, materials and production. Thank you Craftsy for pioneering this method of instruction! I’ve been a member since 2011!

  • Cheryl

    I have signed up for many of the Craftsy classes and I enjoy watching them on my time! Your new class would be a great one to take. I enjoy your other class and this one would be the icing on the cake. Thank you this chance to win it!

  • Susan Novak

    I recently enrolled in my first Craftsy class, “Creative Serging – Beyond the Basics”. I did the first lesson and think it is going to be a great way to learn. Thanks, Eileen, for the chance to win your T-Shirt embroidery class.

  • SusanJ

    I discovered Craftsy recently and I just love it! I have almost finished my first quilting class, quilting large quilts on a small machine. I have learned so much! I also took the free “pizza” class. It was wonderful and I couldn’t believe it was really free. I have a backlog of classes in my homeroom and love the flexibility of taking them (or reviewing them) on my own time. The quality of the classes, including but not limited to photography, content and presentation, has been excellent! I am a big fan!!! BTW, your quilt class is in my homeroom waiting, Eileen. I would love to add the t-shirt class as well.

  • Judy Wentz

    I love Craftsy classes, especially The Machine Embroidered Quilt. I have taken about six classes, with half of them free. I would love to win your T-shirt class because I am afraid of ruining a good shirt. I know I could make them great shirts if I don’t mess things up. Need the confidence of your expertise.

  • Nadine

    The Craftsy platform is very good and have a very good range of subject/hobby. I had the chance to watch multiple classes (some free, some I bought) and so far I learned something in each of them. I love to see the designer under the spotlight!!!

  • Kim H

    I have taken more than a dozen classes from Craftsy. I love their site, the classes, the format, the patterns — everything about it!!

  • Patty Sack

    I love Craftsy! I have taken 2 crochet classes, 2 knitting classes and I signed up for your machine embroidered quilts but haven’t done it yet. I like that you don’t have time limits and can do it at your own pace. You can also come back as often as you want and ask questions anytime you want.

  • Gail Beam

    I get the Craftsy Newsletter and the classes always sound so neat. I have a serger, but have only used it for the basic stitch. The serging classes sound like something that would be beneficial for me.

  • carol

    I discovered Craftsy classes about a year ago when surfing the internet on sewing and machine embroidery! What a wonderful discovery it was!!!! I have signed up for about five classes. They are just great for all the reasons others have mentioned earlier. Most of all I have helped others by introducing them to Craftsy. They are loving the classes also. It is so much more economical than taking a class elsewhere as you not only pay for the class but you also need to use all that expensive gasoline to travel to the sight of the class.
    I would love to win this class as I do a lot of embroidering on T shirts and would love to have some new fresh ideas. I could also pass on my great review of the class to others so they could learn also!!!!!

  • Jenn

    I love Craftsy classes and being able to take them anytime over and over. I’m in several, and this would be a great one to win and be able to take too :).

  • Rosemary O'Koren

    I like that you can watch them over and over and ask questions. I want to take yours and Linda Lee’s classes.

  • Jennifer P

    I’ve taken several Craftsy classes, the most amazing one was The Couture taught by Susan Khalje. I made my mother of the bride dress through the class and it turned out perfect. I also took Beth Ferrier’s hand applique by machine class. The best part is being able to go back over any lesson as many times as you want and they will be there like a great reference book to return to as often as you wish. I’d love to win your class as I need to build my confidence with my embroidery machine.

  • joycej

    I just love the Craftsy classes. Like the fact you can review them at any time to make sure you understand the lesson.

  • Annette

    I am always recommending Craftsy to friends and family.. I have enrolled in a lot of the free classes and a few of the paid classes… I think that learning this way takes a lot of pressure off trying to find classes in my area…The closest embroidery class is in the next town about an hour away…So having Craftsy makes it so much easier for me….love it!

  • Gayle

    Wow!!!! I would really love to be able to embroider on T Shirts. Mine never look professional no matter what I do. Love this class.

  • Cheryl

    I seem to “collect” Craftsy classes. I’m great at finding them, not so great at making the time to actually use them. I love the variety but so far have concentrated on quilting and machine embroidery classes. Maybe I’m building a stash of classes? I think this T-shirt class might be just the one to finally motivate me to “do” rather than just “have”.

  • Joan D

    I have enrolled in your quilt class, but not had time to view it yet, but I will! I like the fact that one can go to the Craftsy Class when it is convenient and it will be there for us to go back to again and again. Great ideas!

  • Pam Conner

    I am in the process of going through my craftsy serger class. I love that you can do it on your own schedule and it will always be in my library so I can view it anytime. I would love to take your class too.

  • Judy Ermlick

    I have loved all the Craftsy classes I have taken– the freedom of going back, moving at own pace etc. makes it both great learning and the ultimate fantasy (for when one cant be sewing 😉 I am so glad that my passion– machine embroidery has come to my favorite learning site. Thank you!

  • Jane

    I have quite a few classes and what I like about Craftsy is EVERYTHING!!
    The classes, patterns, instructors, and above all customer service is user friendly. Thank you so much for giving me so much – everyday – in my little sewing room. I would love to have this class – I do machine embroidery and love to change up my clothing.

  • Jean Maumenee

    I have enrolled for many Crafsy classes, in fact I started when they only had one, “Quick Quilts” with Jenny Doane. I love to do machine embroidery, but T-shirts I shy away from. Would love to learn to do it right.

  • Susan Burns

    The other Craftsy class I have taken is your other class, the machine embroidered quilt. I loved it, and refer back to it every time I make one for a gift. I especially like that it is available for me to review any time of the day I want.

  • Rose O

    I have done the quilt of the month, bags, Wedding Veils and several others. I LOVE craftsy classes. I would love to do the Couture Sewing classes and basic serging because I bought a serger but don’t know how to use it. And, of course, I’d love to do Eileen’s T-Shirt class because people are always asking me to embroider on knits but I’m not very good at it so I only (haphazardly) do it for my kids and granddaughter. If I don’t win, I’ll still take the class. Hope the coupon is still good a week from now!

  • Bonnie Gray

    I bought the t-shirt class last week, haven’t had time to view it yet, but know it will be great!

  • judy williamson

    I’ve never taken a class with Craftsy, but would love to. I have been embroidering for several years now, but T-shirts really scare me. I could really use this class.

  • Fonda Baus

    Well let me tell you.. I have enrolled in several Craftsy classes plus both of Eileen’s classes. I just love the way Eileen explains everything so well. I am glued to the TV if Eileen is on Sewing with Nancy or Sew Easy.. Can’t get enough.. And if Eileen comes up with another class I will enroll in that one also.. You know they say some peole have vises well I guess this is mine.. But oh how I love it..If you are the winner. You are going to love this class.

  • Gayle Evans

    I have taken several Craftsy classes and have several more in my queue. Love the format and since I have had an endless hoop for 3 years now and haven’t figured out how to use it, I would love your class!!!!!

  • Sherrie Lilly

    I have signed up for several classes on But have only finished one. My knee replacement interferred. But I will now be getting back in the learning mode. I would love to take your Embroidered Tshirt Class. When my grandmother taught me to sew she also said that any time you have a chance to learn something new you should seize the chance.

  • Patty Happel

    I’ve taken several free motion quilting classes at Craftsy and my quilting has improved tremendously! Love the platform and would love to take your machine embroidered t-shirt class

  • CJG333

    I would love to win your class on Craftsy. I rarely wear t-shirts because the necklines are just not flattering for me. I’ve tried reconfiguring but the results were not successful. Machine embroidery is my passion.

  • Nancy S

    My most recent Craftsy class is Sewing with Knits with Linda Lee. She is a great teacher, and the video classes (that I’ve taken) are all very well organized and cover a ton of material. Plus the production quality is top-notch. I love that the class is online and available to me whenever I need it, and the 30-second repeat feature is especially nice. Your class would be a great addition to my online Craftsy library!

  • Carol Seavitt

    Never took a Craftsy class yet; but have wanted to take one. And now with 1/2 off your class, I have no excuses. Such a deal at $20. O.k. off to sign up….hmmm wonder if mom would like this for mother’s day?

  • Shirley

    I have signed up for 2 classes; just haven’t gotten back to take them, so I really love the idea that I can go back at any time, at my convenience, to finish them. An enconomical and very convenient way to learn. I will be signing up for your t-shirt embroidery class!

  • Rosalee

    Love your shirts!! I am currently enrolled in several Craftsy classes, pretty much anything sewing or quilting related, lol! Love the format of being able to “attend” when it is convenient for me, stopping the classes for interruptions, ability to watch over and over until I “get” the technique, very pleased!! Thanks for the inside look–always nice to see “behind the scenes!” Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • Beth R

    My favorite Craftsy class is whichever one I’m in the middle of at the moment! Each one has such great info, and since I can look at the video several times, I can make sure I understand the information. Love it!

  • Karen

    I have a large collection of Craftsy classes. I have watched some but have many waiting till I have time to make time to watch them. I did the 2012 BOM my first quilt.I also did the sock knitting class my first socks. Love the site. Thanks for the look into how it happens.

  • Gail Larson

    Eileen I have enjoyed your books and now your embroidery classes
    on Craftsy. Great convenient way to learn. All the instructors
    are skilled and have lot’s of enthusiasm. I would love to win
    T-Shirt embroidery class. It was fun to see behind the scenes.
    Enjoy your life with your new husband.

  • Mary Dnkfeld

    I’ve taken several classes with Craftsy and have loved them all! My most recent classes were Chain of Stars Mystery Quilt with Kimberley Einmo and Pre-Cut Piecing Made Simple with Camille Roskelley. I plan to make several of the quilts as taught by Camille for Christmas gifts for my grandkids this year. Even as an experienced quilter, I still learn new things with each class I take. I am going to sign-up for your class as soon as I sign off. Thanks!

  • Joann

    I ,too have signed up for several classes, hoping to set aside time to actually participate. Am looking forward to the embroidery quilt calss as my new janome mb-4 has just been delivered!!

  • Kris Jacobson

    I have taken some craftsy classes and what I like is that I can go back and redo the material if I wish to. I would like to take this class but now is just not the time for me to be taking it. Hopefully later on this summer.

  • Lilia Orozco

    I really LOVE Craftsy …they have soo many great classes. It helps to take a class because then I actually DO something – LOL.

  • Jane B

    I’ve been checking out Craftsy website, and some of the free classes. My sister told me about this site, she had taken a class and loved it! I would really LOVE to win the chance to take the T-shirt class. I have a fear to try new things, but I’m sure taking the class would give me more confidence. Thanks for sharing your embroidery expertise.

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    I have signed up for a couple of their classes and the beauty is I can take them when I am able. So far though I have just not made the time to do them but I do look for that to change in the very near future. These neckline designs are one more fascinating things I will probably get involved in.

  • Wanda Rohle

    I love the craftsy classes It is like your own personal teacher right there. I love all the quilting and embroidery classes. It just shows you how to get a job done easily and with success.

  • Enis

    I love the variety of Craftsy classes and the Projects pages. The ability to take online notes and post questions to the teachers while watching video classes are a really great features as well. Haven’t taken any classes yet, but signed up for one of the mini block of the month classes and will get started soon to get caught up with the rest of the online students.

  • Beckie

    Craftsy is what a classroom experience should be. It is almost better than live instruction because you can “rewind” the lesson and watch it as many times as necessary. They offer a large variety of classes and techniques. I am doing thread painting and pattern fitting. You can’t beat the free block of the month class either. I love, love, love Craftsy and am so pleased more machine embroidery classes are being offered. Eileen is an excellent teacher, she is fun and energetic. I can’t wait to win the Machine Embroidered T-shirt Class!

  • Fran

    I have already completed a couple of Free Motion Quilting classes, and I have signed up for your Embroidered Quilt class, but haven’t had time to make it yet! I love the Craftsy platform.

  • Rosalinda Call

    I have taken your class plus several others, and have enjoyed all classes. I recently took a took a class on another site. Needless to say it was not a Craftsy class. It was not on video, so you could not see what the teacher was doing. I did alot of reading and was only able to review class material 3 weeks after class ended. The class cost $30.00 I felt like I threw money away. I will not take a class from them again. So I will remain a loyal Craftsy student. Thank you Rosalinda

  • Mitzi

    I took a Craftsy class on quilting a full-size quilt on a domestic-size machine. Learned lots of new ideas and techniques!

  • Diane S.

    I’ve taken many classes at Craftsy including quilting, sewing and knitting. I’ve also taken your Machine Embroidered Quilts class and am hungry for more. I would love a basic “how to machine embroider class!”

  • Doreen

    I have enrolled in several Craftsy classes, I haven’t had time to watch them yet, but I hope to view the Jeanius class soon.

  • Margaret Hartman

    I would love to take your Craftsy class. I have enrolled in several quilting classes, several fabric dyeing classes and also your machine embroidery quilt class, I love them all. I hope I win your free class.

  • Cherrylmaree

    I discovered while I was looking for information to show a young friend how to sew…and I am officially addicted to it! To date..including your new T-shirt class and The Machine Embroidered Quilt..I have 17 courses on the go and Kenneth B King’s new one in my sights. Most are related to sewing in some form ie; Sewing with Knits,Pant Fitting Techniques,Pant Contruction Techniques,Jean-ius Reverse Engineer,The Tailored Shirt and Quilting and Serging, however, I have also discovered courses on bag making and jewellery making. I love that I can access these at any time, day or ( usually ) night, as often as I like and replay/pause as often as necessary. Affordable and informative. PS: I’m starting to do my T-shirt transformations and even bought myself a dress form ( after wanting one for years )Good luck to other posters who have the opportunity to win the course…mine is a done deal!

  • Cherrylmaree

    Oops! sorry mistyped ‘Craftsy’..too enthusiastic for my own good.

  • Tris Thompson

    I love Craftsy classes. Great Value for money. I have learned a lot. I have taken many of the Quilt classes including the Machine Embroidered Quilt, sewing classes & even a few free bag making ones & 2012 & 2013 free BOM classes.
    The best part is that I can watch as often as I like even sew along with a class, pause it til I get to the next part. And the projects that come with most of the classes are fantastic. I can do these classes any time of the day or night, even on my iPad, while sitting in my comfy chair.

  • Jane Anderson

    My 20-year old granddaughter and I are embarking on remodeling t-shirts. She asked me for stitching help so that her shirts would fit. This would be the perfect class for us.
    Jane in KS

  • Kathy

    I have been taking the quilt square of the month. Great idea for classes

  • Tifeni

    Craftsy classes all look fantastic. I have had a several year bout with illness and am now going to start taking some to brush up on my skills, but mostly to stir my inspiration and kick-start my motivation an incentive to get back to my sewing and design.

  • Barbara

    I love everything about craftsy! I have Angela Wolf’s classes and sewingwith knits. I just finished watching your embroidery quilt class last night. I am excited to start a quilt and hope I am blessed to win this embroidery t-shirt class.

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  • Deena Paine

    I love your site and your class’s are great. I’d love to visit you in person and see you at work.

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