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My Block Piecer Block of the Month Sampler

Toot, toot!  Beep, beep!  We’re happy to announce our My Block Piecer Block of the Month Sampler.AllblocksBL

I learned so much when I made this quilt designed by Nancy Stansbury. Nancy did a fabulous job of designing and writing the instructions. My tasks were to stitch each block, photograph the process and make it available to the dealers.  So please nudge your dealer to participate.  We want everyone who owns My Block Piecer to join in the fun. By the time you’ve completed all 12 blocks, you’ll be a My Block Piecer pro!

You’ll learn how to make one, two and three-unit blocks.block1BL

And if you’ve been hankering to learn how to upload a block of your own and turn it into an in-the-hoop pieced block, you’ll learn that in block 6.Blk6BL

I forced myself to cut my patches on a digital cutter and became so familiar with that process; I was tempted to throw away my rotary cutter!  This is the most precise quilt I ever made – I’m so proud of all my sharp points, matching seams and flawless seam allowances.  I know, I know, it’s practically cheating when you’re using digital files – everything is perfect!

The Sampler works well as a scrap quilt or even modern solids.  But I took a different path because I just melt at Kaffee Fasset’s use of colors. I threw caution to the wind and grabbed several bolts of his Free Spirit fabrics. They might not have been the best choice, several of the prints are very large for these small patches but I couldn’t resist. I paired his bright fabrics with black and I must say I’m pleased with the end result.  We’ll unveil the fully-quilted version soon – right now it’s sitting on my shortE.

If you decide to make the large version (four repeats of each block), you’ll have fun creating your own layout. I think block 11 was my favorite because it gave so many options for joining the blocks. Blk11aBLBlock11bBLBlock11cBL

So nudge your dealer and encourage them to join in the fun!




  • Kathy Petersen

    I attended training in Dallas in July and have asked several times about this, with no response. Great to know that I find out with everyone else. Guess I wont have any shop samples made to show anyone who might ask about this next week.

    • eileenroche

      Hi Kathy, I’m not sure who you contacted but these files were available for dealers in early November. I’ll check with the staff and get you access immediately.

  • Melvonna Johnson

    This is the most gorgeous fascinating quilt I have ever seen! Truly a work of art.

  • Gail Beam

    Your blocks are awesome! Love the fabric too!

  • esther bartels

    is there a charge for these beautiful designs or available from the dealer as a down load?

    • eileenroche

      Esther, this program will be available through Inspirations dealers only.

  • April Maselli

    wow! I just wish these programs were a little cheeper. they seam so wonderful but for people starting out the prices will seem overwelming.

  • vicki smith

    Will this be available even if my dealer is not going to do the block of the month? I would love to do them as a learning experience with the software.

    • eileenroche

      Vicki, this program will be available through dealers.

  • Pat Buehler

    I would love to improve my skills with My Block Piecer. Are there any options for locations with no DIME dealers.

    • Jackie

      I no longer have a dealer in the area. I do own mbp and I would like to do this block of the month.

  • Pat Buehler

    I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and do not know of any Inspiration dealers in the area. Is there an option for doing this block of the month where there is no dealer?