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Thanksgiving 2015

It’s been a fun week here on the blog. Last Wednesday, I shared my story about stitching on my finger.  I think I must have hit a nerve when 155 of you left a comment! Thank you for sharing your stories, reading some of your experiences made me count my blessings. In fact, my injury was minor, more frightening than damaging. I have healed completely. The only scar I’m sporting is a stronger appreciation for the power of my embroidery machine. I have all kinds of tools near my machine now – pencils, skewers and chopsticks. I look at them like potholders – I wouldn’t pick up a hot pan without protecting my hand, so the same goes in my sewing room!

Monday’s blog, written by my sister, Marie Zinno, was spot on.  I hope you had a chance to read it and even more so, embrace it.  She encouraged all of us to focus on creativity this week, not shopping.  Instead of hitting the mall, spend some time in your sewing room.  Share a favorite technique with a family member or friend. If you’re by yourself, give yourself the gift of time spent doing your favorite hobby.

If you are out and about, stop by your local sewing machine dealer. They work so hard to provide all of us with education, tools and inspiration. Wish them a Happy Thanksgiving and let them know how much you appreciate them.

I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. May you spend it with those you love and find time to count your blessings.


The winner of the last assignment answered the following question:

So come on, tell me, have you ever stitched on your finger? You don’t need to share the gory details; just a yes or no and you’ll be entered to win a $20 gift card to !

The winner is:  

Fran: “Yes, I hate to admit it but I have sewn a finger more than once.”




  • Chris

    ouch but I did something worse. I sliced the sofe of my index finger off with my roller cutter. But.. Wait for it…I did not bleed on my fabric. I did need a trip to Emerg to have it cleaned and bandaged and because my job was typing, I enjoyed a week off work.

  • Chris

    Oops, that was supposed to say side

  • Joyce

    Yes, years ago but it’s something you never forget! It’s the “tattoo” of a busy seamstress.

  • Fran C

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I am thankful for my wonderful husband and my dynamite kids. Oh and for my new embroidery machine too!!

  • Shelia Moreno

    No, thank goodness not to date. I feel for all of you who have!
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

  • Toni Miller

    Yes, I sewed right through the top of my thumbnail once, and it was quite painful and scary getting the needle back out! I also cut the side of my finger this September during a class at the Sewing & Quilting Expo. I had to go to Patient First to have it cleaned and bandaged, and the stiff wrapping caused my finger to stick straight up for the rest of the weekend. I am all healed now, and I’m glad that you are too. It would not be easy cooking Thanksgiving dinner with a big unweildy bandaged index finger!

  • Betty Burkart

    No, and I hope I never do. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Jean Boothe

    I have sewed my middle finger 3 different times when I was embroidering. My husband said if it happens again he’s taking
    my machine away from me. Needless to say I haven’t done it
    ever again. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  • Sue Reifschneider

    Yes I have stitched thru the side of my finger many times.

  • Sara Redner

    Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for all the fun I have reading the blog and all the comments. Here’s hoping we’re all able to finish all of our projects before Christmas! I’m not even sure I’ll get my own projects finished, but just this week 2 people have “hired” me to make things for them – and while that’s not something I usually do, of course I agreed. So wish me luck – and I wish the same to all of you!

  • Wende Gennardo

    Yes, I am sad to say I did sew through the side of my finger on one occassion when I was rushing to finish a project………..needless to say I didn’t get it done in a hurry. But still worse, I also shoved a metal crochet hook right through my left thumb. Getting it pulled out was like getting a fish hook out backwords. But I did get it out and survived the experience, but it take me a long time to use that very thin crochet hook again.