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Happy Hoopapalooza!  A Guide to Snap Hoops

Happy Hoopapalooza!  Let’s talk hoops!  This is a guide to the many different snap hoops available at


First, what is a snap hoop monster and why do you need one?  A Snap Hoop Monster comes with a flat magnetic top and metal bottom frame with a machine attachment recognized by your embroidery machine.


Let’s forget about struggling to insert a standard hoop’s inner ring into its outer ring.  You will simply lay a piece of stabilizer and fabric over the bottom frame and snap the top frame in place.  Voila!  Even those heavy fabrics, like towels and fleece, are secure.  Be sure and do the shake test and you will see the fabric doesn’t move.  These hoops are perfect for quilt sandwiches, stretchy knits, continuous embroidery, allover quilting, and so much more.

The Snap Hoop Monster is available for most home single needle embroidery machines.  You can check out the compatibility chart here.  Look for your machine brand and then the model name or number.  Also, on the page is a pdf chart of all the ones available.


These hoops have been extensively tested to hold heavy projects and fabrics as well as the magnetic tops.  Rest assured they will not damage your machine.  Here is a video on the Snap Hoop Monster.


A similar product is the Sticky Hoop, pictured above.  It includes the bottom frame only and pre-cut tearaway adhesive stabilizer.  Perfect for those hoop less projects.

Remove the paper backing from the stabilizer and place your project on the adhesive stabilizer.  Attach to embroidery machine, center item and stitch.

For those embroiderers with single needle free arm tubular machines, there is the Snap Hoop Monster Tubular.  This hoop slides into the embroidery frame just like your regular embroidery hoop.  Great for shirts and heavy fabrics.

Now for those with multi needle embroidery machines, there are a couple options.  First, the Multi Needle Snap Hoop Monster.  The hoop slides into the embroidery frame just like your regular hoop.  One difference is the metal frame with the attachment is on top of the magnet hoop.  Great for heavy fabrics, and tubular projects, like bags and t-shirts.

Last is the Quick Snap 2.0, also for the multi needle embroidery machine.  Think sleeves and pants legs without opening the seams!  Includes three metal bottom frames and three magnetic tops.


So, once you decide and get your new Snap Hoop Monster (or one for each machine or several different sizes), then you will want to add the adhesive centering guides.  Here is a great read on How to Apply Centering Guides on Snap Hoop Monsters.  Enjoy!




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