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New Tool & Technique for Edge to Edge Quilting

Embroidery enthusiasts know the frustration of misaligned designs and the challenges that come with continuous embroidery and edge-to-edge projects. Fortunately, the Snap Hoop Monster Alignment system with Snap Guide™ is here to revolutionize your embroidery experience. This clever system, designed to work seamlessly with the Snap Hoop Monster and Adhesive Centering Guides, ensures perfectly placed designs, lettering, borders, and more. Let’s dive into the features, benefits, and why Snap Guide is a game-changer for your embroidery projects.


1. Metal Tabs with Magnetic Snap:

The Snap Guide feature metal tabs that securely snap to magnetic top frames. This ensures a stable and reliable connection, preventing any movement during the alignment process.

2. Transparent, Flexible Rulers:

With transparent and flexible rulers, visibility is key. The rulers provide a clear view of your fabric, seamlines, and stitches, allowing you to make accurate adjustments. This feature is particularly handy when aligning intricate designs or working on projects that require precise placement.

3. Open Slot for Temporary Marking:

The system includes an open slot, allowing you to mark your fabric with temporary markers. This is a fantastic addition for those who prefer to make visual cues on their fabric, ensuring that each element of your design is perfectly aligned.

4. Snap Guides for Vertical and Horizontal Hoop Dimensions:

Snap Guides fit seamlessly into both vertical and horizontal hoop dimensions, offering flexibility for various embroidery projects. Whether you’re working on a landscape or portrait design, the Snap Hoop Monster Alignment system has you covered.

5. Two-Color Adhesive Centering Guides:

The new two-color Adhesive Centering Guides are not only visually appealing but also practical. Displaying easy-to-read symbols, these guides make it simple to center your designs accurately. The guides provide a quick and efficient way to position your embroidery elements with confidence.


  • Quickly align embroidery designs while advancing fabrics under the needle
  • Keep columns of edge-to-edge quilting aligned
  • Handy for continuous embroidery designs
  • Align multiple hoopings for embroidered lettering and borders
  • Ensure horizontal and vertical seams or stitches are straight in the hoop
  • Extend a lettering baseline to the next hooping

Watch Eileen demo how easy it is to use the Snap Guide while working on a quilt:


For a full demo on Snap Guide, you can watch out Between Friends segment.