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Weightless Quilter: How to Use It + How to Set it Up!

Do you have a Weightless Quilter and struggle with setting it up?  Do you think you don’t have enough space?  Do you wonder what to do with all the pieces in the box?  Am I supposed to use them all, and how?  Maybe these are some of the questions you have asked about the Weightless Quilter.  You have thought about how easy it would be to use, but is it really?

So, we are going to dive in and answer some of these questions.  Also, you might want to watch Facebook Live from April 22, 2021 on How to Use the Weightless Quilter with Eileen Roche as she addresses several items!

Let’s talk about setting up the Weightless Quilter.  One thing to keep in mind is that the Weightless Quilter will work in many settings, whether large or small.  As Eileen has repeated many times, you don’t have to use all the floor bars and poles.  Use the ones you need.  And maybe the flex poles need to be shorter, so use a hack saw to cut them down.

Maybe you have a large quilt and are able to set it up like you see in the photo on the left above.  Three of the floor bars and poles are being utilized in that setting.  In the other photo, there is plenty of space behind the table for the quilt and the floor bars and poles.  The poles can flex out with the additional space.  Great!


But maybe you have a small space, like in the photo above, and there is only room for two floor bars and two flex poles on the left side.  That works as well.  So, work with the space you have and get the Weightless Quilter set up and ready to stitch!

Here’s an excellent tip for quilting your quilt on your embroidery machine.  Divide the quilt into quarters and plan the hoopings for each quarter.  For instance, 1 and 2 quarters will be on the right side and 3 and 4 quarters will be on the left side as seen in the photo above.  Hoop in the middle of 1 and 2 quarters to start quilting and work your way out.  When finished with 1 and 2 then flip the quilt and stitch 3 and 4 quarters.  You may need to adjust the quilt in the flex poles as you go.  Remember to let the quilt move along with the stitching.

Another fabulous use of the Weightless Quilter is stitching on your binding.  It will hold the sides of the quilt as you stitch on the binding.  No more struggling to get the binding stitched in place.


If you need help setting up your Weightless Quilter please watch our video with Eileen Roche where she unboxes, explains the contents, assembly and usage!


So, get your Weightless Quilter set up and get to stitching!  Maybe you don’t have a Weightless Quilter yet, and now you want one.  You will find them here.  Enjoy and share with us your quilted quilts using the Weightless Quilter.


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