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Embroidery Tips & Techniques

Embroidery Placement on Quilt Blocks

Embroidery placement on your quilt blocks is simple and easy when using the Center It Kit.  Find and mark the center of circles, hexagons, triangles and squares.  You can also use it to help define the area you are wanting to quilt.  We’ll discuss this later.

What is the Center It Kit and what comes in the package? It is a quilting placement template set of five nested shapes, including 12” squares, 12” circles, 12” hexagons, 40° diamonds, and 60° diamonds.  You will get three of each of the flexible and translucent template shapes.

Why 3 of each size?  So, if you want to cut them down using a rotary cutter or pair of scissors to a size needed for your project.  Be sure to keep one as the original size!  And there are two different types of target stickers – yellow circles and blue squares for marking your project.  These templates come in a handy container for storage so they can be kept flat.

The simplicity of the Center It Kit is to hoop, center and stitch the quilting design on your quilt block.  This process is explained in more detail in Hoop It, Center It, Stitch It here.

Define the area you are wanting to quilt and mark the center is another function of these quilting placement templates.  Use the diamond template for a quilt with diamond shapes in the negative space to add beautiful embroidery designs, complementing the piecing.  You can use any of the templates in any negative space to create custom quilting.  Let your creativity soar!

Here is a great tip for using the square to define the area to quilt and mark the center.  Listen in as Eileen shares.

Imagine the many possibilities in quilting your projects with the Center It Kit quilting placement templates.  Quilting over your pieced block or quilting in the negative space will be so much easier.  Custom quilting will become your favorite method of quilting any project.  To learn more about using the Center It Kit for Embroidery Placement on Quilt Blocks, watch Eileen Roche on Facebook Live from December 9, 2021.  Enjoy!