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6D™ Embroidery Software

6D™ Embroidery System software is the next step for machine embroidery software; technically advanced and sophisticated, but easy to use. A key feature for many embroidery enthusiasts is to be able to view their project with real world perspective before actually creating the project. Life View In 6D™ Software gives a real-world, three-dimensional view of your embroidery project. With Life View you are able to move the embroidery and twist it as you would to see it in real life! You can also see special effects such as Puffy Foam right on the screen. Audition your project backgrounds and any appliqué fabrics, too.

Design Player allows you to watch your design “stitching” on screen, so you can see the way your project will be embroidered. New in 6D™, multiple windows allow you to adjust, modify and create an unlimited number of designs, lettering and projects “side by side”. Design parts stay separate when you open, copy and save so you can easily adjust your project on another day.

The 6D™ Embroidery System harnesses the full power of Windows® technology to make embroidery more intuitive. It supports touchscreen gestures to zoom, move, resize and rotate designs. You can also view embroideries and design files as thumbnail images with their stitch and color information in Windows® Explorer! Search for designs, convert and print them with the 6D™ Explorer Plug-in.

Quilting is a passion for so many of us, and with the QuiltBlock Wizard you can create a filled or outline quilt block automatically and even surround an embroidery with a quilting fill! Create shapes for your pieced quilt with just a few clicks, and choose from a huge variety of fills: Stipple, Channel, Diamond, Motif, Contour and Shape effects. The new Echo fill repeats your embroidery with a shadow effect.

These are just a few of the amazing new features in the 6D™ Embroidery System. Personalizing is a central feature: Choose from over 145 specially created fonts (including six fonts for Puffy Foam) to create multiline text or the perfect monogram! Alternatively, use the 6D™ QuickFont Wizard to create lettering automatically from most TrueType® and OpenType® fonts on your computer. Fonts, SuperDesigns and Frames are now displayed in galleries for easy selection. Adjust spacing between letters and resize individually. Embellish your lettering or any design with over 500 frame and flourish options. Add an automatic border or decorative motifs.

Editing, design creation and so much more is faster and more intuitive than ever. Reshape and restyle your embroideries with object editing or emboss your own “stamps” on designs. Create heritage cross-stitch, lace, appliqué, greetings cards, and embroideries from cherished photos or a chart from your family history – You Won’t Believe Where It Takes You.

The 6D™ Software is available in three packages: 6D™ Premier, 6D™ Embroidery Extra and 6D™ Embroidery. Visit your local authorized HUSQVARNA VIKING® retailer for a demo or to purchase the 6D™ Embroidery System package of your choice. Or visit for more information.

Here’s your assignment this week:

Tell us how you use your embroidery software and what you like most about it. One lucky reader will win $25 to spend at the DIME store. Thank you and good luck!

The winner of last week’s assignment is:

It sounds like Joanne’s mother taught her all the right things. If you finish the sentence: My mother taught me…4 lucky jewels of wisdom will be chosen to receive a $25.00 gift certificate to Katelyn’s Kreative Stitches.* Good luck!

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  • Maxine Mac Neill

    My mother always taught me to FINISH WHAT YOU START.

    • Jennifer Lucas

      I am interested in 6D software extra can you please advise price and availability. Thanks Jenny.

      • Beverly Moreno

        I have the 6D Embroidery Extra with all the books and dongle. I only used it for about a month and my sister gave me hers. I paid with discounts $861 for it and am asking $450. It is like brand new.

        • David

          If you still have the software, I’m very interested! Also would like to know how much you like or dislike it.

        • Janine Petty

          Do you still have your 6D embroidery Extra software Please email me at

          • Carolyn Hodge

            I have a set if you would like to make me an offer.

        • Barb

          Do u still have this?

          • Tina

            Do you still have the software. I have the 6d extra but no dongle .

        • louise

          I was just wondering if you still got your 6D Embroidery extra

  • Susan J

    I tried digitizing software when I first started with an embroidery machine many years ago. Eventually I decided digitizing just wasn’t for me. Now I buy the designs I want and use editing software to tweak combine, resize designs and add lettering. i do admire people who digitize their own designs, but this works best for me. I am glad that there are so many choices in software to allow everyone to pick what works the best for them. There are even choices available for those of us who are MAC users!

  • Karen Poole

    I don’t have elaborate software like this! I could do a lot with this!! I do have some great software that allows me to make some basic designs, I could do more if I had time to learn more about digitizing, but I have used the wizard features of it to auto digitize some outline designs and some monograms. I have fun with it! It looks like this new one takes the place of several software a that I own!

  • Connie W

    7 years ago I purchased my first software along with my first embroidery machine. Using software to digitize designs takes tons of time and patience but in my opinion, is well worth the effort! I taught myself through trial and error and participating in webinars for my software. What I like about my Janome MBX Software are its limitless capabilities and the quality of the end results. My favorite designs to digitize are appliques.

  • Frances Powell

    I mostly use my software to add names to designs. I have had it for 5 months. I have just started adding artwork to some of the designs that I have. I am just beginning to try to digitize some on my own. Being able to digitize with my software is my favorite part.

  • Ruth Drake

    I have worked with 4D software for the past two years. I use it to merge multiple designs, change layouts and design elements, resize, alter density, add text and play with colour. I have done some basic digitizing. 5D was bundled with the purchase of my new husqvarna Diamond Deluxe and I am learning my way into it .. But anxiously waiting from my 6D upgrade. Very excited about the possibilities

  • Casie Williams

    I use my embroidery software to digitize designs as well as to personalize designs I buy from other digitizers. I’m retired so my digitizing is for fun and a creative outlet rather than for making money. Makes it lots more fun!

  • Becky M

    I use Floriani Total Control Pro and L O V E it! You can do anything that you can think of in embroidery. Right now split deigns are popular and you can do split designs. You can modify existing designs or use parts of any existing designs or take parts from several designs and put them together. You can make your own puffy foam designs, create your own appliqués, make lace and of course resize any design and digitize your own designs AND updates are always FREE. It is WONDERFUL and I highly recommend it. I attend Floriani classes every month taught by Nicci Brazzell at Jeff’s Sewing and Vac in Martinez, GA and learn something new at every class. It is a software that growers with your experience a d knowledge of the software. Can you tell I really like it?

  • Bev

    I use the software for monograming and adding names and dates to quilts and projects.

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    I have done some digitizing over the past 12 years when I started out with my Designer 1 and my 3D Professional. I finally jumped up to my Diamond and 5D Professional that still has me learning. I thought about 6D but l am not sure if I want to go there yet. Sounds fantastic though. I am on the fence right now.

  • Terry Brinkley

    I use my embroidery software to prepare & convert designs for charity quilts. My favorite feature is the ability to import third-party fonts to personalize baby quilts to give as gifts.

    • Gail Miller

      I’m still after weeks of reading & checking things out have yet firgured out how I can import other fonts other than 1 by one & they open in seperate windows everytime:(

  • Carol K E

    I have 5D and am still learning to use it. I am able to modify designs, add names and monograms, change size and density, and combine designs. I am better able to cut parts of a design to create new projects. I love the classes provided by my dealer, but wish they had some online options.

    • Kalyn

      Try Mr Patience. Great Document Software he has a complete online tutorial for 5D and now 6D software. You learn at your own pace and you can select how long you wish to take the classes. From 5 days to a whole year. It saved my life. My dealer was not as helpful with lessons on software. This guy knows the nuts and bolts of this program.

      • Patti

        Thank you for the tip about Mr.Patience. I have been trying to learn on my own, this is my first experience with owning an embroidery machine and software!

  • Donna G.

    I use my embroidery software to “tweak” designs so they better fit my project. It might be re-sizing a design, changing density, combining designs or just seeing how the design stitches out. Embroidery software is wonderful!

  • Tammy Hammond

    I have used my software to digitize designs, tweak designe, merge multiple designs and the list goes on. I have made embroidery labels using the software, that I add to my gifts!

    • Frances Grubbs

      Do you digitize “in the Hoop ” projects with 6D?

  • Pam M

    Owning embroidery software increases the enjoyment of machine embroidery ten-fold. I combine, recolour, resize, adjust density, add text, add borders and frames, create endless designs and repeated patterns, move or remove elements in a purchased design to better fit a project, change the order of the threads for sew-out – oh, can’t remember it all, but I have loads of fun!

  • joyce

    I’m still a novice with the emb software but now have the time to really start using my wonderful emb sewing machine.

  • Beth R

    I use 5D for creating simple designs while trying to learn digitizing, and hope that I can get 6D soon!

  • Jean Adams

    I have the Artistia V 6 software and I found it hard to use,although computers r not my thing,how do I find out more information about the 6D software? Thanks Jean

  • Pamela Johnson

    I started out with 4D Professional and quickly jumped to 5D Professional when it became available. I was using 5D on my Macbook Pro by installing software to allow Windows programs to be used on a Mac. I did not like having to switch between the Mac side and the Windows side on the computer, so once again, I switched to TruEmbroidery when it became available. Best idea I have found for those of us using Macs! I have tried digitizing my own designs, but prefer to purchase the designs and tweak them as I see fit.

    • Diana

      Am just about to get new laptop. Debating between windows or imac., as have iPhone/ ipad. Does the truembroidery work well? Am used to 4-D do not digitize. Thanks

  • Patty Sack

    I use my software to do logos, put designs together and also to digitize.

    • Shirley Walker

      I would like to transfer my 6D Premier software to my new Brother Dream Machine. Can I and how??? Thanks

  • Vicki L in MN

    I use my 5D Extra for so many things! I was making a shirt to wear on karaoke night and took one design that was a heart filled with musical notes, took another design that had a wreath with a bird in the middle. With 5D I was able to delete the wreath and move the bird to perch on the top of the heart. I then added a portion of another design to put musical notes near the bird’s open beak. That is just ONE of the fun things I’ve been able to make with my software. Now I can’t wait to get 6D Premier!!

  • Bonnie Gray

    Right now I am just adding to designs, mostly lettering(I do a lot of birth record blankets,there seems to be a lot of babies being born!) I have digitized a line drawing with the wizard in my Bernina 6 software. I can’t wait to retire so I have time to fully explore the software and experiment!

  • Nita W in OK

    I purchased a digitizing program 2+ years ago and I have used it to add lettering to designs/projects, but still have NOT been successful in learning to digitize. The bad part of this software is I am stuck with it as the company does NOT allow you to sell the software. I will keep trying to “learn” touse it because it cost me $1500, and I hate wasting money (which I feel I did waste a LOT OF MONEY) . The dealer where I bought this software did/does NOT offer classes ( this is not my dealer now!!)

  • Mary Coonts

    I have had all of the Pfaff/Viking software from Customizing thru 5D pro. Lately I’ve been using Stitch Editor + (my favorite module to add cutwork needle commands to existing designs. I always, always run designs thru Optimizing and usually add trim commands before I stitch out the designs.

  • Judy Williamson

    I purchased a software package last year and am just now learning to use it. I hope to be able to do all kinds of wonderful things once I learn!

  • Greta Kanegae

    I use mine to change colors, remove jump stitches, see how the design sews out, edit out details I don’t want, merge letters or other designs, I have used font engine to digitize words, look at 3D view, unzip files and more that I can’t remember…

  • Carol Seavitt

    Currently using Embird to pull in designs and merge fonts. I love how easy it is. My fav feature is the slice feature. The 6D does look amazing. I’ll have to check into it. Thanks for the great info on this new software.

  • Enis

    I currently use 5D Pro and love it. I use it to combine, rearrange, edit, resize, create, embellish, add words, and so much more. And for as much as I use it for, there is so much more to this great software. I would love to move to 6D, but that would mean purchasing a new computer as well as upgrading software. Can’t do that at the moment.

  • Karen

    I have used about 7 different software programs.I am using Pfaff 5D Suite and Floriani Total Control. I use them to do many different things, would do lots more if I had the time.

  • Susie Mackenberg

    I’m searching for a new/different software package. My Janome Digitizer Pro can’t be used with newer computers than Windows XP without a costly upgrade. I’ve been babying my ‘puter and not getting a laptop since the software won’t my searching. I use software a lot but for small things, as others have mentioned, resizing, changing around existing designs, lettering, etc., so am considering a few stand along programs…hmmm…any advise out there??

  • Rhonda

    I have 5D Extra and Floriani Total Control, and have basically been using both for different projects. FTC is great for certain things and 5D for others. It’s nice having both, and have wondered about this new 6D. Thanks for the info!

  • Carol Coleman

    I presently have 5D software and I love the fact that I edit and add designs to any given project. I love how it is so easy. I have several programs but I am looking forward to use 6D because you have to keep up with techinology.

  • Donna

    I don’t have any embroidery software. Just what came in my machine. So I would love to have something that allowed me to make my own designs and manipulate fonts, etc. It’s on my wish list

  • Jan L

    I have basic software for embroidery use. Mainly, I use the software to view/search the various embroidery design files. Also use it to merge designs and add lettering.

  • Carolyn M

    I have the 5D Extra software. Although I love the 5D Organizer function, I especially love the 5D software’s ability for editing patterns. When purchasing patterns that come in multiple sizes, I can purchase the smallest and least expensive pattern and then enlarge it in the software to whatever size I prefer. I love that I can combine and edit patterns. This was, by far one, of the smartest investments to my embroidery studio!

  • Vicky Isliefson

    I use PEDesign 6 to edit and try out different color combinations. I also do some digitizing when the need arises. I especially like to create in-the-hoop projects. I’ve had this software for awhile and I have to keep an old Windows XP computer working in order to use it.

  • annette Rady

    We have had Artista digitizing software for many years..beginning with the basic and adding each subsequent upgrade. My sewing center continues to offer software club on a monthly basis and we have really benefited from attending this. We find that there’s almost nothing that can’t be done with this wonderful software. My favorite use since then has been using the true type fonts that make designing with Monograms really fun… We have recently begun to digitize a business logos to be embroidered onto shirts and other items. It is such a cool experience to see what can be done with lettering and the the design insertion process.

  • beth daniels

    I have learned how to digitize cutwork, letters (which I use a lot of for monograms), even scenes from artwork or clip art. I did not know how many wonderful things I can digitize and resize, edit and many other performances I can do with my embroidery software. By the way, I use Elna Xpressive II embroidery software for my Elna Xquisite II sewing/embroidery machine.

  • Jeanne Laurie

    I have Viking 5D software and can’t wait to get 6D. Love to make
    designs for quilting and quick out line designs. Looking forward to the updated sketch program in 6D, it looks like lots of fun.
    Thanks Jeanne

  • Maga

    I started with Viking DOS software and upgraded twice but sadly couldn’t get the dongle to work after upgrading to Vista, had editing software that came with my Bernina machine that I upgraded so I could continue to digitise, but never liked Bernina’s software and had problems when I upgraded to Win 7 so I went for the cheapest option for digitising and got Embird. I digitise the drawings I make in my CAD software and use the designs as stamps either to quilt with or to embroider on fabric I then use for dressmaking or patchwork. I think it is great fun to manually digitise so I never use any automatic tools.

  • Tim Osten

    Hello! I know I am a little late to the party here but I just found your wonderful blog and love it! I can’t wait to read the other topics. I use SophieSew right now. It’s nowhere near the caliber of some of the programs listed above but it’s free and I think an okay place to start. It takes a fair amount of effort but with patience I have been able to do a few neat designs with it. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to upgrade to something as impressive as 6D.

  • Kevin

    Most wonderful Feature of 6d-embroidery software is the Step-by-step wizard helps to create portraits of any size and i love this…
    Design with your choice..

  • Embroidery Machines

    6D Embroidery software is technically advanced and sophisticated yet easy to use

    • Terry Brinkley

      I like to use my embroidery software to do applique’ and monogramming. My favorite thing about my software is the ability to see a large thumbnail graphic of the embroidery file when I’m searching my computer for a design I have saved on it. Happy Holidays, everyone!!! 🙂

  • Embroidery Digitizing

    Well….Nice ideas have given.
    For all of you, if you want to get a quick embroidery digitizing, ask us for fast, efficient and quick digitizing……It would be customized to all of your needs……..

  • Teri Murrell

    will the 6D Embroidery System work with my Bother HE1 machine?

  • rachelle wagner

    My husband bought me 6d premier for xmas. Unfortunately it was an upgrade from 5d extra and I only have 5d. I want to digitize photos and pictures in jpeg format or my own sketching (I am a real newbie.) 5d won’t do any of that. Does anyone have any experience with 6d extra? I won’t use the cross stitch, quilting or family tree modules and 6d extra is a LOT less than 6d premier. Since I need to return the upgrade to get the right one, I am not sure if I should get the 6d extra or the 6d premier.

  • mars

    Get the 6D Premier, you won’t be sorry and you won’t have to upgrade again. If you want to digitize photos or your own sketches you need Premier.

  • Audrey

    I think the most important thing with powerful embroidery software is being able to unleash creativity from within and express using a unlimited embroidery techniques including variegated threads.

  • Debby Bowden

    I just recently got the 6D software, but still have my old HV Designer I machine. I have not been able to figure out how to create a stitch file on a floppy disk to use in my machine. So far it is not intuitive. Thank You.

  • Timmie Gault

    I have the 5D suite and was wondering the cost of upgrading to the 6D? I do not have the Quilt Design Creator but that definitely is on my list.
    Thank you

  • Sue

    I recently purchased an embroidery machine with 6d software, but am totally lost, and do not know where to begin. I have been to the dealer several times, but he cannot get through to me. I have read the book, but it is over my head. I don’t know where to go, and am just about ready to give up on it. Any suggestions?

    • Toni

      Hi Sue: if you could say where you live…someone may be willing to help you in person. I know I would do so if you were near me.

  • Kim

    Hello, I also am new to the 6D embroidery but only got the basic. Does anyone know if I am able to upload a special font to that software and use that or do I need to get the digitizing software upgrade to be able to use a font that I have on my word doc. It’s the Walt Disney Font. I just bought it and haven’t even opened it yet, but want to make sure I have the correct software for what I would like to do. The woman at the store was not helpful.

  • Beth

    We use Threads embroidery software ( Its fully digitized, great for editing. No complaints at all.

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  • Mary Gray

    I use my software to digitize, have done a few things that I am proud of,my son’s Farmall C tractor, also use it to tweak the designs that I purchase. Recently got the Pfaff 5D and 6D software. Have not got the finer points of it all figured out yet. I get these wonderful ideas in my head, and then never seem to get them to work in the software. It will take time and patience to get it all figured out.

  • Rose Marie

    I purchased 5d and never received any books, the store downloaded the software. Does anyone know how I can purchase just the instruction books or DVD. I am thinking of purchasing the 6d, however if not sure of 5d. Think I am going over my head. Thanks

    • Julie

      I have the 6D Extra upgrade with the dongle if you are interested. Also have Simply Teach Me on using the 6d software

  • sonnie

    I have the 5D and wanted to get information on how to use the program

  • Jackie Wagner

    Not happy…spent over $700 on the 6d program and was excited about all it can do….except it appears to not work with my Brother Innovis 6000d. At first I installed it on my pc and had all kinds of issues, script errors. The dealer contacted the rep for 6D after I spent $80 with tech support to tell me it was a software issue. The rep never got back to me, even though they were supposed to call or email me. I took the program back, purchased a brand new laptop from Best Buy with Geek Squad. We did get it loaded with all of the updates, 6 hours later, it is installed all updates done but it doesn’t communicate with my machine. I asked on a Brother forum on facebook only to have a member from there tell me it is not compatible, never has been, none of the versions. Really after all the money spent, countless hours, nobody could tell me that, not the dealer, not the rep and now I have a program that I can’t return and I have never used it for one stitch…..Is this true it is not compatible????

    • Matzo

      Since you create and edit patterns in the 6D … I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be compatible with your Brother machine. It’s the format you save the patterns in that makes the difference. For your Brother you’d use the .pes format. The communication with your machine would be found using the icon with the screwdriver and tools. You set it up to communicate there. I have a small Brother and it works fine with the patterns, I just have to use a PED Basic program to put it on the machine.

  • Matzo

    I am desperately searching for a copy of 5D professional. All I need it two modules …. photostitch and stitch editor. Have the 5D extra but need those particular modules. I know it’s obsolete now but desperate and can’t afford the 6d permier. Any suggestions or anyone know someone wanting to sell a 5D professional?

    Thank you!


  • Linda Howard

    I would like to use my 6D to send appliqué embroidery designs in vp format to my Silhouette cameo to cut the fabric to size and avoid the in the hoop cutting. How do I save my embroidery designs as svg or JPEG2000 designs for cutting

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  • Ivet

    We are a company that bought a Singer Quantum Stylist EM200 with 6D Extra version Software.

    We create logo’s with Corel Draw X7 and import the image with the tool Wizards (it draws the embroidery image automatically). When we preview the embroidery design, it seems good. However, when we try to embroider it, the result is very bad:
    Thread broken, not seem a Satin Embroider unless we chose this option, border lines not straight, holes on the t-shirt…Horrible..We very disappointed… 🙁

    Do you know if we can we use the tool Sketch with the 6D Extra version? Could we update this module? If not, how can we draw our own stitch paint and fill it with no necessity of drawing each stitch?

    Thank you so much!

    • Beverly Moreno

      I’m sorry, but it sold.

  • Mark Oscar

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  • Beth

    I recently bought a singer EM200 to embroider shirts for work. I went on line and bought the Buckingham font I need. I just found out that the added font will not work as instructed with the built in fonts and I’m stuck. Is there a book for dummies in this field? I have no Idea how to simply write this out. Please help if you can. Thanks Beth

  • Mark Oscar

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  • Nicky

    Hi, I have just sold my 6D Embroidery Extra software package to someone as I upgraded to the Premium version. They have just completed the installation on their laptop and they are now requiring my email address and password as the program was registered on my name. They are wanting to put in my email details and then change the email address to their own. Would this have a negative impact on the registration of my Premium program as both the 6D and Premium are linked to my email address? I was thinking of just creating a new email address and we both share it – that way we both have access?

    • Dori

      You may want to check with the Viking tech folks before you do that. It may not be allowed according to the Licensing agreement. If you do this….it may terminate your new software.

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  • Raj Mehra

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  • Warner Brown

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  • Eric Paul

    Currently using Embird to pull in designs and merge fonts. I love how easy it is. My fav feature is the slice feature. The 6D does look amazing. I’ll have to check into it. Thanks for the great info on this new software.