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Six Ways Software Ups Your Embroidery

Joanne Banko, from Let’s Go Sew, shares her key points with Eileen Roche in Six Ways Software Ups Your Embroidery.  Let’s discuss the six ways!

  • Adding software is the next best thing to getting a new machine!

Software offers features that will enhance your embroidery project.  Software offers features not available in an embroidery machine.  Software will also save in all machine formats including long arm quilters and digital cutting machine.

  • Software lets you “see” what your design looks like in high definition and close up (magnified) to see the tiniest of details.

You can zoom in and select realistic view for a more realistic stitched look.  You can even zoom in on one area to see the stitches.

  • Use software to view your design in the hoop so you can select the right size hoop for your project.

Display your design in one of your hoops by selecting it from the hoop icon.  Remember to choose the hoop close to the size of your design.

  • With software you can prep and perfect your design before you head to the machine.

Software will allow you to watch it stitch out prior to stitching it out on your embroidery machine.  If you have been editing or resizing the design, then this will help to prevent wasting time and supplies to repeatedly stitching it out.  Simply run the stitch redraw or simulator in the software.

  • Software makes it easy to print life size templates for auditioning designs and getting perfect placement on each and every project.

Print your design at 100% using the print/print preview section of the software.  Use DIME Print & Stick Target Paper for a translucent and adhesive template.  You will get perfect placement and the template will stick until you are ready to stitch.  Just remember to remove the template before starting the go button on your embroidery machine!

Print several of your designs to audition on your garment even if all you decide on just one or two.  Trim around each template close to the design for accurate placement.

Another tip for accurate placement on a garment is to take a photo of your garment with tape measure and load into software.  Place your designs and print life size templates.  Listen in as Eileen shares how to print designs using Patch and Applique Maker Software.

Our last way software ups your embroidery:

  • Playing around in the software “playground” is a fun way to explore embroidery possibilities and expand your creativity, even if you decide not to stitch.

These are six fabulous ways software ups your embroidery from Joanne Banko, from Let’s Go Sew.  Thank you Joanne!  If you want more information, then watch Joanne Banko and Eileen Roche on Facebook Live from December 16, 2021.  Enjoy!




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