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Applique Embroidery Tips & Techniques

Do’s & Don’ts: Best Steps for Perfect Applique!

To get started, we must understand what an applique design is. An appliqué design refers to a decorative motif or pattern made by attaching a smaller piece of fabric (often contrasting in color or texture) onto a larger fabric surface. This smaller fabric piece is usually sewn or adhered to the base fabric, creating a layered and textured effect.

For an applique design, its important to add adhesive to the wrong side of the fabric.

Spray or Fusible?

Another important decision in your applique journey is to decide whether you will trim in the hoop or precut your design. Let’s look into both options to decide.

When to trim in the hoop?

  • When using Run Stitch Tackdown
  • Working with simple shapes
  • Using Raw Edge Applique

When to Precut Applique?

  • Using E-Stitch
  • Working with Odd Shapes
  • Your design has Spiky Elements
  • Y-Seams
  • Inner Corners
  • Inner Openings

Another thing to be considered is if your fabric is thick or napped; vinyl, cork, or velvet; in those cases precutting works best. 

One great technique Eileen has taught us is Fuzzy Cutting, where you cut out a template of your design and audition different fabrics to pick for your applique.

When working with applique, a common dilemma arises: should you match the thread color to the fabric? Fear not, as Eileen is here to provide guidance on this matter. Additionally, she shares her insights on elevating her appliqué design using one of our five stunning new Medley Variegated thread colors!

We have 5 new Medley Variegated to choose from:

  • Sherbet
  • Fresh
  • Jewel Tone
  • Blue Ocean
  • Halloween

Plus, we are also introducing a new Medley Variegated Metallic Thread:

  • Abalone

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