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Tips & Tricks for Magnetic Hoops

The Snap Hoop Monster or Magnetic Hoop as we like to call it is helpful for hooping a variety of projects.  Let’s discuss hooping t-shirts (small to large sizes), onesies, denim jackets, denim jeans, and sweatshirts.  We will give tips and tricks for centering, placement, and stabilizing in the Snap Hoop Monster and Sticky Hoop.


Let’s get started.  First, the hoops come in different sizes according to the hoops that come with your embroidery machine.  So, think about your standard hoops, and possibly there is a Snap Hoop Monster also.  They attach in the same manner.  You can check out the compatibility chart here.  Once you purchase your Snap Hoop Monster, then you will want to apply the centering guides.  There is a great blog on how to apply the centering guides here.


Also, you may want to mark the bottom frame of the Snap Hoop Monster.  Here is a quick video to show you how step-by-step.

Now on to hooping some garments.  Use the small 4×4 hoops for placing a left chest embroidery design on a t-shirt and a onesie.  Also, don’t forget about the Hoop Guard.  And let’s not forget stabilizer.  What stabilizer is best for t-shirts and onesies you might ask?  Well, you want something soft and gentle feeling because it will be next to the skin, but also strong.  T-shirts and onesies are made from unstable, knit fabrics, so a cutaway is a must.  Exquisite Fusible No Show Cutaway Stabilizer is an excellent choice.

Next, let’s look at a denim jacket and the leg of jeans.  The 5×7 is a good size for the jacket and jeans.  Remember, you will want to remove a portion of the inside seam leg so you can hoop the jean leg flat.  Also, since the denim stretches then the Exquisite Fusible No Show Cutaway Stabilizer is again an excellent choice.


Alright, now for sweatshirts.  Let’s use a bigger hoop, like an 8×8, if your machine can use it.  Sweatshirts are made from unstable, stretchy fabric so again use the Exquisite Fusible No Show Cutaway Stabilizer.  Also, here is a tip for inserting the hoop – insert the bottom frame through the bottom of the sweatshirt so the attachment is coming into the neck opening.  It will be easier to nest the fabric around the hoop and attach to the machine.


The Sticky Hoop is great for hard to hoop items using an adhesive tearaway stabilizer.

Cosmetic bags and slippers are good examples.  Add the adhesive tearaway stabilizer on the back of the hoop with the paper backing on top and then attach your project.  To remove the excess stabilizer from the back of the frame once stitched, then use Goo Gone Adhesive Remover.

Now for a few overall tips for using the Snap Hoop Monster and Sticky Hoop.  The corrugated plastic board that comes in between the Snap Hoop Monster bottom frame and magnetic frame is great to use for storing the hoop in the same manner.  Also, to use under the frame when moving it and the hooped item to the embroidery machine.  The heavy cardboard that comes with the Sticky Hoop is also great to use under the frame when moving it and the hooped item to the embroidery machine.  It may look like packaging, but don’t throw it away as it is very useful!


Another tip for placement of your designs is to use the Print & Stick Target Paper.  Print your design out onto the adhesive paper, trim around and place in the center of your project.  When hooping, line up the lines on the adhesive paper with the centering guides on the magnetic hoop.  Place your hoop on your embroidery machine, line up the center point, and very important, remove the target paper!


One last tip for your knit projects, if the embroidery stitches are scratchy to the skin, then iron a piece of Exquisite Fuse So Soft over the embroidery stitches.  This light fusible interfacing will feel soft against the skin.


Now, you are ready to use those Snap Hoop Monsters and Sticky Hoops!  Get them out and have some fun!  If you want to see some of these projects hooped, then you can watch Eileen Roche’s Facebook Live from June 10, 2021.  Enjoy!




  • mary comer

    I purchased the DIME Multineedle monster snap hoop for my Brother PR1000e -size 8×12 My machine will not recognize any embroidery designs larger than 5 x 7 . I have contacted Brother twice to try and resolve the issue with no luck. I have also contacted DIME. How can I resolve the issue? Also- when watching videos of the use of the monster snap hoop the demonstration shows placing the green magnetic frame on top of the metal frame. My instructions say it goes under the metal frame. Can you do either> I am wanting to try edge to edge quilting and it would seem to be easier if the magnetic frame was on the top. Are there any videos using this hoop on a 10 needle machine? Thanks!!

  • Lucille Joseph

    On the 25th Aug I watched the virtual event on Edge to Edge embroidery. You gave a tip for Sew and Wash stabilizer that really impressed me. I have ordered a roll but cannot remember what your tip was! Please refresh my memory ?