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Wedding Dress Update

Wedding Dress Update

I love to sew. I mean, I really love the act of sewing two pieces of fabric together.  I like placing two pieces of fabric under the presser foot and putting the pedal to the metal. I love to guide the fabric under the needle, watch it whiz across the machine bed and then cut the tails at the end.  When I agreed to make my daughter Janelle’s wedding dress, I had visions of feeding yards of beautiful, white, silky fabric under the needle.  It seems I forgot that the actually sewing part doesn’t arrive until hours and hours of preparation were accomplished.

And boy as it been a lot of preparation. I approached this project with more apprehension than I normally bring to sewing projects. I’ve had my share of sewing pressure – magazine covers, product packaging and television appearances. But a wedding dress is something different. It’s so personal, it’s my daughter. Her wedding photos – you know what I mean. So I’ve been taking my time and tackling it one step at a time.

Of course, my family has been aware of the process. In fact, my sweet sister, my Stitching Sister, Marie Zinno sent me a text on Sunday afternoon. I didn’t hear from her all weekend, she knew I was working on the dress. Her text said, “Is the wedding dress done yet?” Charming, isn’t she? My sister, she can be 1400 miles away and she still cracks me up.

I responded with an image of bridal fabrics in a heap on the floor with the caption: “Almost.” dress1bl

What she didn’t know was that a pile of scraps is actually a really good sign because I spent Saturday and Sunday cutting the lining, interlining, silk organza and satin pieces. I pieced the lining for Janelle’s final fitting. I basted the layers for all of the pattern sections. There are 15 – each with intricate markings (that I swear are nearly identical on several pieces!).

When Janelle tried on the lining last night, we both breathed a sigh of relief.  Her, because she loved the silhouette. Me, because it fit! So now comes the easy part – the sewing, the part I really love! I’ll spend this weekend piecing the bodice and skirt. After I add the lining and insert the zipper, it’ll be time for hemming and final decorations.  The wedding is August 21 – just under a month away and I’d really like to get this wrapped up by August 3rd.

I still haven’t had to time to get a mother of the bride dress but maybe that’ll happen this weekend too.  Thank goodness I live in Dallas – where you can shop til you drop.

If you think I’m cutting it close (and I know I am), you have to remember I was out of commission for six weeks – that’s practically a lifetime in my sewing world!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the bodice sections. dress2bl


Here’s your assignment this week:

I’ll share the photos of the bride after her big day – don’t want to break any traditions! Speaking of traditions, I’m planning on embroidering a label for the gown, documenting the occasion. Have you ever done that? And if so, what information did you include? We’ll pick one random winner to receive a $20 gift certificate to Designs in Machine Embroidery.

The winner of last week’s assignment answered the following question:


Leave us a note and tell us what Stitch Soup fairy cottage is your favorite. We’ll pick five random winners to receive a $20 gift certificate from Stitch Soup!

The winners are:  

Sara Redner: “I love the flowers on the one in the center”

Rosalie sharps: “I like the fairy house that has the yellow flowers on the roof.”

Shawn Marie: “I just am in love with the House of Flowers!”

Patty Sack: “I like the one with the flowers for windows! Too cute.”

Kitt: “I like the Lilly Pad chalet the best”




  • Sharon R

    Wow! I have never created a label to memorialize an occasion, but at a minimum, bride’s name (maybe groom too), date of wedding, seamstress’s name, pattern number(?), and maybe a quote or Bible verse you and your daughter would both relate to.

  • Belinda Germain

    I’ve done quilt labels which i include who it is for, who it was made by, date or year. Sometimes include the name of the quilt.

  • Sue

    I have never put a label in a dress, but I think a wedding gown deserves one!

  • annette rady

    One label I embroidered was for my very first quilt… a Phillies t shirt quilt for my daughter.. It went something along these lines.. This is a quilt for a true Phillies Phan….made by mom for a my Phantastic daughter, Suzanne. 2013.
    I can’t wait to see the wedding photos… wow!

  • Bernadette Webre

    My daughter had some labels made (“Love Mimi”) for me to use for my projects. I stitched one of them into her dress.

  • Laurie Sieg

    Before I taught myself to sew, I had an embroidery machine. When I bought my goddaughter her christening dress, I embroidered a label for it. Her daughter wore it & later learned about the dress & about me.

  • Cindy Weeks

    I have not used one, but I would think that something like this ‘sewn with love for you as you get married’ with date and your name

  • Lori Woodward

    The preview is beautiful, thank you for sharing! My 20 year old son recently asked me to make him a suit jacket, he is 6 feet tall and maybe 130 pounds. He thought that I could fit him better than a store bought jacket. After the “practice” jacket fitting, he turned to me with a big grin and said, “Now you need to make a label.” I never thought of it before. A label for a wedding dress is wonderful! I would include both of your names, the date and your wish for her happiness. Enjoy the day, can’t wait to see the finished photos of the dress!

  • Kathy E.

    I have not embroidered a label, but I have written on one using permanent fabric ink detailing who made it, who the recipient was and the date. I think this special dress definitely needs an embroidered label sharing a special message from Mom. Maybe a secret you two have shared, or a wish for a lifetime of happiness. Love the beaded bodice!

  • Donna Klug

    My niece asked me to make a label for her dress. The shop where she bought it wouldn’t make one. I embroidered her first name and the groom’s first name with a swirly heart between in her chosen color.. (This was on their invitation) then the date. She loved it!

  • Ellen

    I have never made a label for an outfit But I think it would be great to include date of wedding bride and groom made with love by

  • Nellie

    If my Mom would have made my wedding dress, I would cherish it forever! Something simple like “(date)” Love, Mom

  • Pam

    Have not but have thought about it hopefully others can enjoy the dress. Name and date I would put on it.

  • Kay

    I have only done labels for a groom and groomsmen vests. If I were doing one for a daughter it would say; Sewn with love for my beautiful daughter (name), the wedding date, Mom

  • Judi J

    I have made embroidered labels for quilts and doll clothes and just placed my printed label in clothing. I think a special label for this dress for your daughter with the date and any words would be lovely.

  • lynda case

    I made my daughter’s wedding dress in 1977 and put the date in it on the slip/lining

  • Kay P

    Name, date and a special message from you to your daughter… In poem form if you decide to get creative!

  • Brenda Rhinehart

    I would write:
    A special dress
    For a special daughter
    On her special day
    Love, Mom

  • Brenda Aigner

    I have so far just stitched my initials on things I have made.
    But I think I will design a special label for the next dresses I make for my grand daughters.

  • Donna G.

    I’ve done labels for quilting but not for clothing. What a great idea!

  • Lynn

    My mother made my wedding dress 43 years ago and unfortunately it was lost in a fire. In my mind, I can see the perfect label. Our names, date and place of the wedding, my mothers name, and a wish for our future.

  • Jean

    I made a label for my daughter wedding dress. I started with her name and his along with the date in the colors and font to match her invitatio, and of course a small heart. I have my other daughter getting married on August 22.
    I plan to put her name, his, date and a simple. Happily Ever After.

  • Kristal

    A label for a wedding dress is such a great idea! My grandmother always hand-embroidered a label with a sweet message onto all the quilts she made.
    I can’t wait to see the finished dress and what you decided on for the wording for the label.

  • Jacqueline Curtis

    I love to do labels. They are so much fun and make everything personal.

  • Ruth Gregg

    I agree with Sharon and Sue. It would be wonderful to have a great label on the dress. Since you are lining the dress, apply it to the lining. Make it just as beautiful, meaningful, and memorable as the dress. I’ve made a few wedding gowns, and wish I’d thought to put in a label! YoYou daughter will love, and cherish it!

  • Toni

    Other than my own, I have not made a wedding dress, but I did make a Baptismal dress for my first child. It was used by many family members and I hand embroidered each child’s name and Baptismal date on the slip. Sadly, the dress somehow disappeared several years ago. I think a label for a wedding dress is a wonderful idea! I think the names and date and a loving sentiment would be treasured.

  • Lex Appel

    Love love the lace

  • Kathy B

    My mom made wedding dresses for 4 or her 5 daughters (the other one made her own) and a granddaughter. In the hem of each of the dresses she hand embroidered the name of each girl and the wedding date. Our family photographer knew of her tradition and made sure to take a picture of each hem turned inside out so you could see the embroidery.

  • Kathy B

    PS. The embroidery thread matched the wedding colors.

  • Ivalyn

    I usually put the bride’s new name and wedding date.

  • Saundra Romanus

    I have never created a custom label but what a wonderful idea! I have pre-printed labels. I think the Bride and Groom’s name and made by you and the wedding date.

  • Rhonda

    I a redesigning my dress from 35 years ago for my daughter to get married in September. I have started by taking off all the lace and illusion that were over the bodice and made long sleeves. It is now a spaghetti strapped dress that I will put the lace cutouts back on along with Swarvski crystals. I hope it looks as good as it sounds.
    Good luck. Your dress is beautiful so far.

  • Allison

    saw a neat thing on Pintrest…there was a second label (in blue) that had the bride’s new name! (Mrs. Susie Smith)

  • Tari Jewett

    My friend and I made an heirloom dress for her daughter’s 13th birthday, her family has a tradition of doing a very special ‘coming out’ party. I embroidered her name , the date and the occasion along with some tiny flower embroideries into a strip of insertion to go near the bottom of the dress. It was white on white, so you didn’t realize what it was unless she showed it to you. I think mother and daughter were pleased with the result.

  • Bonnie Gray

    I was just thinking that it might be time for an update! Fitting is the most important part so it is good that is behind you now and you can assemble. I know you will complete in plenty of time!! I have never done a label – and don’t have daughters – but I would put names of bride & groom, date, your name and a special quote.

  • Shari Thorley

    i have made my two daughters, and daughter in laws bridal gowns, and true to form I always put myself last. I am not a shopper (at all!!!) So for my one daughters wedding, where I had to drag her dress by train 10 hours, I whipped something up for me at the last minute. It was HORRIBLE! Your lucky you will shop for your dress. Do it now!

  • Linda Horton

    My niece owns a bridal shop and I do labels when they are requested. I generally do the label in blue for “something blue”. The normal request is monogram with the date. I have used pieces of clothing from a deceased grandmother or even a brides baby hat that she wore. They turn out very nice.

  • Sara Redner

    That may be the most important label you ever create! Best of luck! The only labels I have made are “Made for You” type labels, with different things like “Especially for You” or “With Love” and sometimes with Mom or Grandma instead of my name.

  • Rebecca Hunt

    A label for wedding dress….Bride & Groom, Date, Seamstress, and a special sentiment that recurred while the dress ( or the bride) was being constructed. Maybe a favorite childhood name , verse, or saying….Made with love and prayers in every stitch….

  • Leona Christensen

    I always embroider my labels. I start with “Made especially for…,” then list the occasion and date. The last line is my name and perhaps a small flower embroidery.

  • Patty Sack

    I’ve never created a label like that before, but I really like the idea. It’s on my list now for a future project!

  • Glenda Marsh

    I’d add a ‘special note/saying/memory’ that bride will recognize; her name & your name of course & date/place created!! What a special creation this will be!!

  • Jenny

    This is a beautiful saying I’ve always cherished. You could sew it into her dress to read on her wedding day.

    Dear daughter,
    “If I could give you one thing in life,I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then would you realize how special you are to me”

  • Susan Burns

    Definatly their names, the date, where they were married, and anything personal linking the dress to the wedding, such as flower colors, trim, color of Grooms attire if there are any, etc. How exciting, and they are getting married on my birthday! Our children keep us so busy as we raise them that there are not many days of pure happiness. This is one of them. Plan it so there are no last minute things to do that day other than to get ready and enjoy it. Don’t get so tied up in the details that you are so tired you forget to enjoy the love that will be all around you! Best Wishes for all!

  • Audrey Harrill

    I completely understand your excitement and apprehension! I created my daughter’s wedding dressing a few years ago. She lived in western KY and I was in northeastern FL!! Thank God for digital cameras and email. I was making the final adjustments the day before the ceremony. 🙂 She loved it and I was/am proud of my accomplishment.

  • helen ambrow

    When President Nixon’s daughter, Tricia, got married, I remember seeing a photo of the inside hem of her skirt. There was a rather large ribbon 2-3″ high by about 40″ long. “Priscilla of Boston” was embrooidered on the ribbon.

  • Meghan M.

    I’m getting married this fall and I’m planning on embroidering the date on both my dress and my future husband’s jacket.

  • Donna Cox

    Write your daughter a letter from your heart about the honor of sewing her wedding gown and then pick out something that speaks to you from your letter to embroidery along with her name and your name and the date. There will be plenty of momentos of the bride and groom but only one daughter and mother who loves her so dearly to sew her beautiful perfect fitting gown. This is her treasure from you. Blessings to you and her.

  • Carolyn Collmorgen

    When I made my daughters wedding gown, I never thought of a label. I was doing good to get it made on time. Thank goodness the bride’s photos were taken before the wedding so it had to be done before the actual wedding. On the other hand, one of the flower girls dresses was hemmed right before the wedding because she was never able to get fitted. My daughter loved her gown and she knows I made it so it doesn’t matter to me if anyone else knows or not.

  • Karen

    I made a baptism grown from a wedding dress and made shoes. I put the name and date on the bottom of the shoes.

  • Susie Mackenberg

    Heck, yes, put a label in the dress and make it personalized, something meaningful to just you and your daughter (pet name?) along with the date, town, state, and your name — info you would put on a quilt. This is such a labor of love and I know your apprehension…that first cut was hard, huh?

  • Shawn Marie

    I always include a poem with matching emb files. And the dates and names. Like a scrapbook page!

  • Vicky Isliefson

    I have embroidered quilt labels, including my digitized signature. I use an in-the-hoop design pack from Anita Goodesign. I had small labels printed by one of the online companies that adveritse in sewing magazines to use on other projects.

  • Ruth Peterson

    Very funny, Marie! I love your progress & so happy Janelle’s 1st fitting went so well. I haven’t labeled clothing but I think her label, which replaces the manufacturer’s one, might say “may you be wrapped in love for a lifetime as you are in this dress today”, with date, bride & groom’s name. I admire your work! Can’t wait to see wedding pics!

  • hanne jans

    i made a weddingdres for my daughter. she lives in denmark i live in the netherlands. made name and date for the marrige with my husqvarna viking diamond. hanne

  • Joan Shriver

    Gorgeous fabric, will be a lovely gown. Make the label of a very soft fabric so it won’t scratch. Say name of bride & groom, date and your name. Simpler, the better. What would like to see on a label on a vintage gown 50 years from now?

  • Barbara Moncrief

    I am a label maniac. I place labels on every item I create for others especially loved ones. Usually “happy birthday, anniversary , merry Chrstmas, congrats, etc on the first line, the date of occasion, a love thought, and my name”

  • beth

    I have never created a label for a dress especially wedding dress. My mother made my dress and i still have it boxed up after 25 years.

  • Donna A

    First make the label in your embroidery software. Date of wedding, Names of Bride and Groom, Wedding location, and their favorite Bible Verse. God Bless you in your big endrevours.

  • Lana Walters

    Labels for clothes are easy with your embroidery software and machine. I try to put them in most clothing and quilts now.

    For wedding dress:

    Made with loving care by______
    for (maiden name plus married last name)
    May you have years and years of happiness.
    Love forever!!

  • Virginia

    My daughter made a blue heart for her dress and the grooms jacket with their initials. I embroideried the back of the ring bearers pillow with the bride and grooms name and wedding date.

  • [email protected]

    A label would be treasured by your daughter. Possibly a tone on tone on the lining or underskirt. From your heart, the words will be perfect.

    • Judy Roberts

      I would incorporate a family heirloom, such as a handkerchief, small piece of jewelry to the label, or use the handkerchief, piece of your own wedding gown for the label. God Bless

  • Georgia Nelson

    I made my wedding dress layers of eyelet lace and ribbon. Years later I remade the dress into a baptism dress for my first granddaughter. On the slip of the dress I embroidered my name and wedding date and granddaughter’s name and baptism date.

  • Sandy

    A stitch in time on your special day.
    08 August 2015
    For love with love,

  • Deanna

    Never sewn a wedding dress, but I’ve made quilt labels for my quilts. I think it’s a great idea. I’m sure it’ll be beautiful.

  • Eileen Ryan

    I made a label for a Christening Gown. Put the babies name, date and church of Christening and “Made with Love by Grammy”

  • Shirley Clark

    I made my 3 little grands a lap quilt for Christmas, and I put a label on the back that said, “Made with love from Mimi, December 2014.

  • Lynn

    I made a blanket with embroidery for my great grandson before he was born. His name is Silas. I printed the Bible version of what his name means, why is mommy picked the name, the date of the baby shower and that the blanket was embroidered by me. I printed it on fabric and sewed the label on the blanket. I am looking forward to hearing about the bridal dress label. My daughter is getting married next year and I love the idea of attaching a label. Yes, I have a great grandson (my son’s daughter’s son) and a daughter getting married for the first time (age 43)!!

  • Karen W

    I’ve made special labels for all the quilts & most of the gifts I’ve made over the past 10 yrs, but not clothing — yet! 2 personalized labels were embroidered onto 2.5″ wide organza ribbon — I loved how they looked. I think you’d want something larger, but certainly make it special between the 2 of you! I wish I’d known how to make them when I made my granddaughter’s communion dress 14 yrs ago. I can hardly wait to see the photos of the bride & her beautiful wedding gown! Thanks for all the tips & tricks!

  • Donna Fecteau

    i have never made a label for a dress before but what a great idea. I would say it should be something like

    Loveingly made for (name of the bride) for her wedding to (name of groom) on (date) by (you).

  • Gayle Guthrie

    I would put – “Made with Love for my precious daughter (her name) as she weds (his name) on (Date) by Mom. This is so beautiful and I’m sure your daughter will be extra beautiful on her special day.

  • Gail Beam

    I just did some simple labels that said ” Love gramma”.

  • Georgette

    J ‘ai fait la robe de mariée de ma fille,il y a 15 ans et elle m’a dit :”Maman c’est le plus beau cadeau que j’ai reçu.”Je lui ai dit:”c’est parce-que je t’aime.”Et j’aurai put le broder sur une étiquette.La votre sera superbe,j’en suis sure et votre fille sera la plus heureuse .A bientôt pour les photos.

  • Carolyn McBride

    This is IT Finished …” The Dress” you have dreamed about and twirled in since you were a little girl. Blessings & Love. Helping dreams come true.Mom
    “Wedding Date”
    Bride & Grooms name

  • Kati

    It looks like the dress will be beautiful! I often use a piece of grosgrain ribbon inside the side of the shirts I sew to label them. I have a programmable machine that will stitch out small lettering on the ribbon. (Using tear away stabilizer)

  • Doreen

    I haven’t sewn a label in but I would put something like: Gown made with love by Janelle’s mother Eileen Roche completed on August 3, 2015 for my daughter Janelle Roche wed (groom’s name) on August 21, 2015.

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