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Embroidery Tips & Techniques

Make Your Own Patches

Create professional quality embroidered patches and emblems with Poly Patch Twill.  How do you create your own patch you ask?  Good question.  We are going to dive in to see a couple of methods for creating a professional quality embroidered patch or emblem.  And we will discuss how to make it iron-on.

So, let’s get started.  First, you want to start with a smooth 100% polyester, such as, Poly Patch Twill.  It is permanently adhered to a stable nonwoven backing which is the key for long lasting washable and dry-cleanable patches.   There are 3 bundles of colors – Brights, Athletic, and Uniform with 8 sheets in each bundle sized 9” x 24” each.

Second, choose an applique or patch embroidery design to make your patch or emblem.  Make sure that the design features a Placement Line, Tackdown, and Cover Stitch.  When we get to the second method for stitching out the patches, then this will help.  If you have embroidery software, then you can take designs and turn them into an applique or patch design.

So now, let’s talk about the two methods for stitching out these fun and creative patches.  Scissors method involves hooping the twill and embroidering the patches directly on the twill fabric.  If you want to conserve fabric, embroider more than one patch in your hoop.  Then with a short straight blade embroidery scissor trim away the excess fabric being careful not to cut the satin stitches.  This is a simple and quick method with not much preparation.

The second method is the Precut Method.  It involves cutting the patch shape using the Placement Line from the applique or patch embroidery design.  There are 3 ways to pre-cut:

Method 1

  • Hoop twill and stitch placement line
  • Cut on stitching line

Method 2

  • Use Print and Stitch template

Method 3

  • Cut on digital cutter

Once the patch shape is precut, then hoop a piece of heavy water soluble.  Stitch the placement line, spray temporary spray adhesive on back of precut shape, and place over the placement line.

Next, continue stitching the tackdown, and the remainder of the design.  Remove the patch from the heavy water soluble.  Your patch is ready to stitch on or iron-on.

So, let’s see how to make it an iron-on patch with Patch Attach, an iron and pressing sheet.  First turn patch upside down on a pressing sheet.  Cut Patch Attach slightly larger than the patch and cover patch with shiny paper side up.  Iron the Patch Attach to the patch.  Let the patch cool completely!  This is very important.  Don’t get in a hurry!  Tear away the excess Patch Attach from the edges.  Your iron-patch is ready!

Hope you have had fun learning how to make your own patches.  If you missed watching the Facebook Live from May 27, 2021, Eileen Roche and Deborah Jones talk about how to make professional quality embroidered patches.  Watch here.  Enjoy!