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The Magic of Mylar Embroidery

What is the magic of mylar embroidery, you ask?  Mylar embroidery is adding sparkle to your embroidery design using mylar and a mylar digitized embroidery design.  You want the sparkle of the mylar to shine through the colors of the embroidery design, making it dimensional, and picking up the colors of the polyester embroidery threads.  This is the magic of the mylar.


So, let’s look at some tips for working with mylar.  A popular question is “Can I wash and iron my t-shirt or garment with mylar?”  According to both, Eileen Roche and Patricia Gates, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”  Patricia Gates, owner of Purely Gates, shares the polyester embroidery threads will melt before the mylar will.  This is good news!


She also shares to iron with the embroidery face down, which is something that is recommended in all embroidery designs.  You don’t want to flatten the embroidery with ironing over the top of it, so it’s best to iron from the wrong side.  There are pressing mats available to help.


Another tip is to work with embroidery designs which are digitized specifically to be used with the mylar.  These designs usually have more open fills so the mylar will pick up the colors of embroidery threads and create a fabulous sparkle and dimensional effect.

In the example above, the LOVE design showcases the mylar in the flower and the LVE letters which are different colors creating a unique movement of the design.  You will find this design in the collection Mylar From the Heart, Purely Gates.  Complete step-by-step instructions for using the mylar are included.


If you haven’t embroidered with mylar, then you might want to watch Eileen Roche’s Facebook Live from May 20, 2021 featuring a trunk show and tips for embroidering with mylar and special guest, Patricia Gates, owner of Purely Gates.  Also, to help with hooping your t-shirt you want to embroider on, check out DIME’s Totally Tubular Hooping Station.  Eileen shares how to use it in the Facebook Live May 21, 2021 episode as well.  Enjoy!

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