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Embroidery Tips & Techniques

Bernina Snap Hoop Monster

Congratulations on your new Bernina Snap Hoop Monster.  You have the Jumbo (260mm x 400mm) or the Maxi (210mm x 400mm) hoop and are ready to get embroidering.  Using the Large Oval Snap Hoop Monster (145mm x 255mm) was simple and easy for those small projects.  Now to the larger ones, like the edge-to-edge technique for that queen size quilt using your embroidery machine.

So, you find your design and print out a template.  It looks like it will work with the hoop, but the embroidery machine says the design is outside the sewing field.  What is going on?

Jumbo Hoop – RM4 (260mm x 400mm)

Maxi Hoop – RM5 (210mm x 400mm)

In comparing hoops as above in the photos, we can see that the original Bernina hoops are oval shaped while the Snap Hoops are rectangle.  What does the shape of the hoops have to do with it?  How does this affect the design not working in the hoop when it looks like it will fit?

Jumbo Hoop – RM4 (260mm x 400mm)

Maxi Hoop – RM5 (210mm x 400mm)

In the above photos, the oval sewing field for each of the sizes has been colored and placed in each respective Bernina Snap Hoop Monster.  This is according to the original Bernina hoop from the manufacturer.  All Snap Hoop Monsters are made according to the original hoop size and sewing field of each manufacturer.  So, even though the Snap Hoop Monster is rectangle, the sewing field is oval like the original shape of the hoop.  The embroidery machine only sees the sewing field of the original hoop which is oval.


For 7 series machine owners, remember if you are using the Jumbo Hoop only a portion of the hoop is utilized due to the length of the bed of the machine.  Refer back to your template of the original Jumbo Hoop or place hoop on embroidery machine.  The same will be true for the Snap Hoop Monster Jumbo (260mm x 400mm).


Let’s make the adjustment to the design by making sure it is not red and outside the hoop on the screen in the embroidery machine and then the Snap Hoop Monster will stitch out the design!  Or use the hoop templates which came with the original hoops to determine the size of the design.  Enjoy stitching with your Bernina Snap Hoop Monster!