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Multi-Needle Monday | Text Editing on the Multi-Needle Machine

Want to add a bit more interest to some of your purchased designs? Then follow this simple tutorial on curving text right at the machine. You can apply this technique to many embroidery projects.

Retrieve your embroidery design, this whisk is a popular design from Embroidery Library.  Once on the screen, touch Rotate. CT2a

Rotate the design 90 degrees to make it easier to edit the upcoming text. CT3

Touch Close and then Add. CT4

Touch the AA key to access the built-in fonts and then select the font of your choice. CT5

The default screen is upper case, large letters.  We are going to spell the word Bake so touch the letter B. CT6

Touch the lower case tab, and touch a, k, e. Touch Set. CT7

Use the jog keys to move the word above the whisk. CT9

Touch Array. CT10

Select the convex icon to curve the text into a smile. CT11

You can use the curving icons to adjust the spacing. CT12

That was easy!  Think of the possibilities you can have with this editing feature.

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  • Carolyn Rollberg

    Thanks for an easy tutorial!

  • Carolyn

    I love these feature on my multi-needle machine and all these neat things that broaden the capabilities of my finished products!!

  • claudia hermansen (Create with Claudia)

    I do this all of the time! I even cut up a design in digitizing software, added a satin stitch on the rough edges cut off and make smaller designs for my single needle 4×4 machine. Or I make 10 of the small designs at a time on my largest hoop on the 6needle. I just did that for the leaders of The women’s Retreat from my church! Last year I made appliqued bookmarks for all 128 participants and that took a lot of time, energy, thread and fabric. Was it really appreciated–yes, but did they offer to pay me for them-NO! My husband asked them for a $1 each donation toward my supplies which they begrudgeingly paid. But I have always donated to them so this year it took me no time of all to make 12 single FSL heart bookmarks. I am making the full size one for the (Paid) leader.I will send with them my business cards so hopefully, I will get a little business. I hope I don’t sound too materialistic but I am a Senior with little or no income and love to sew and embroider–it is my passion!

  • Joyce Hardiman

    Love this neat idea and great tutorial.

  • Karen Roop

    Thanks Eileen, I did not know how to do this on my 6 needle. I always did it in my software. I love these tutorials.

  • Kathy booth

    the screen is very similar to my Ellisimo Gold, so this tutorial is an encouragement that when the day comes for a multi-neelde, I’ll be familiar with some of the features.

  • Gail Beam

    Love the look of curved wording and it would be great for all kinds of sport designs.

  • barbara ann

    Thanks for this tip. I forgot I can also do this on my multi-needle as well as in my software. Sometimes it’s easier to add text from the machine!

  • Clarice Dean

    Thanks for the info. I’ve noticed that the text selected at my machine doesn’t stitch out as smoothly as text I’ve selected in software.

  • Irma Clements

    I look forward to all these great tips. Keep up the good work.


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