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Embroidery Tips & Techniques

Stitching for Children

You have a new grandbaby and want to stitch a cute embroidery design on a onesie, but not sure where to begin?  You have a baby shower coming up, and want to create a boutique gift using several blanks and embroidery designs, but not sure how to start?  Maybe, you just had your own baby and want to embellish a few blankets with machine embroidery designs, but not sure where to place them on the blanket?  Today, we are going to discuss stitching for children, and how to achieve perfect placement on children’s wearables. 

First, let’s talk about some inspiration for your projects.  There are so many cute ideas for children’s attire.  Think about simple embroidery designs with low stitch counts.  Applique embroidery designs fit into this category of designs.  Here are a couple of examples below.  With embroidery software, you can create an embroidery design, stitch it on the onesie and also make an applique design, which is shown on the bib.   The other photo features an applique crown with the names under it.  Simple, and yet super cute!

Also, think about adding textured fabric to your projects.  Little ones love to feel the difference in the texture of fabrics.  Soft fabrics like fleece and microfiber plush are good for blankets.  Other texture fabric, like corduroy, is a good one for this gum ball applique as seen in the photo below.  So, go through those textured fabrics and use them in an applique.

Next, once we have our design and blank, then how do we decide where to put the design?  The baby and toddler sizes are small, and you don’t want to get them in a strange place.  So, let’s look at the Perfect Placement Kit for Children’s Wearables.  This kit contains 16 placement templates, placement stickers, 12 pages of instructions and guidelines, and 2 embroidery alphabets.

To use, simply choose one of the 16 templates according to project and size.  Lay garment or blank on flat surface and place template according to instructions.  Place a placement sticker in place and hoop the item.  To learn more about the Perfect Placement Kit for Children’s Wearables, watch this video.

Here are a couple of other tips for stitching on children’s wearables.   On any stretchy fabrics, like onesies and t-shirts, use Exquisite Fusible No Show Cutaway Stabilizer.  It is soft, lightweight, sheer and prevents stretching of the t-shirt.  And to protect sensitive skin from scratchy embroidery on any project, use Exquisite Fuse So Soft.  It is a soft, fusible, lightweight tricot interfacing with a permanent bond that is fused over the wrong side of the garment after the embroidery is finished.  It can also be used on fabrics to keep them from raveling.  It is not a stabilizer, so use only after the embroidery is finished or to interface a fabric.


So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s get started!  You want to know how to get the Perfect Placement Kit for Children’s Wearables?  Click here.  Enjoy!