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What Color Would You Select?

I’m in a quandary. I’m designing the quilting for the My Block Piecer Block of the Month Sampler. The quilt is pieced and I’m excited to load the quilt onto the shortE and get started. Here’s a look at the pieced quilt on the design wall. Please forgive the photography – I took this photo with my cell phone.2015-12-19_20-00-51

Here’s one quilting layout that I started in My Quilt Planner. This layout features the same designs on each block. 2015-12-19_19-40-36

I don’t know if this is the one that I’ll go with but it’s been fun playing with the feathers.
Here’s a preview of the feathers a quilt block.2015-12-19_19-28-22

But what color thread? I’ve eliminated black because I’d like the quilting to pop on the black patches. Shall I select bright pink, hot blue, neon green or orange? Should I try to go with one color for the whole quilt or select thread for each block? What would you do?

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  • pam

    I am very new to quilting, having just finished my 2nd lap quilt on my Avante HQ on Studio frame with the Qbot doing the stitching. It is so much fun to be cretive not only in fabric selection and design, but also the quilting creativity!!
    have you thought about bright yellow thread? I would keep the same thread throughout the entire quilt. You could even use variegated yellows. It would stand out nicely against the black, and go with all the other colors as well.
    I can’t wait to see the finished quilt!! Happy Stitching, Pam Fort Collins, CO

  • juditZ

    Since you love it to pop I would suggest using different threads for each block to complement each of the colors.
    For softer pop tone on tone but strong color.
    for stronger pop complementary tones.

  • Lynda

    How about hot blue for a real pop?

  • Denise


    From an anonymous Blue Haired Reader 😉

  • Ellen

    I like the blue all over. Personally I hate changing thread so don’t usually do different color each block. But that is me.

  • maxine mac neill

    Since there is so many wonderful colors in your gorgeous quilt top I think if you go with pop it will take away from it’s beauty. I would use a natural thread which will put the pop on the border but not on the blocks. Just my thoughts

    • Ruth

      I agree with Maxine! Let the pop be in the border pieces.

  • Sandra Sanders

    You could look at using a multicolored thread, if there is one that has the colors in your quilt. It wouldn’t show up as much in the colored fabric blocks, but it would pop the black background and tie the colors into the entire quilt design.

  • Ruth Hampson

    Personally I would choose hot pink because it coordinates with all the colors in your quilt, which is beautiful!

  • Joy Teague

    The bright pink or hot blue would go good on the black.
    I would prefer the hot blue or a variegated thread if you can
    find with all the colors in a bright thread. Your quilt is very pretty.

  • Judy G

    I would go with a variegated in light pastels that coordinate with the colors in your quilt. Your quilting would show (or “pop” as you put it, but not overwhelm the block pattern). As an alternative, have you considered a light steel gray overall?

  • Vickie Hart

    I would go with a light to medium green to bring out the design of the feathers.

  • Chris Lyon

    Definitely in the minority at this point, but I would do neon green for the whole thing. It’s different than any of the colors in your quilt so it should pop all over.

    • Denise

      That’s a great idea!


  • Delores Angus

    Using a monofilament would allow your piecing to take center stage while still giving the quilting stitches dimension, especially if a cotton/poly or wool batt is used. Just another point of view. . .

  • Maga

    Personally I love to quilt with variegated threads especially on quilts that are very multi-coloured already. It makes the quilting stand out here and there and brings the viewer in to look closer because it equally disappears now and again. For this quilt I would choose a light-ish combination of colours that are NOT in your fabrics like turquoise, lime and purple. Looking forward to seeing what you end choosing. Don’t forget to pool the threads on several areas of the quilt before deciding but do stay with one thread throughout because you already have a lot going on in the top and a single quilting thread will bring it all together imho.
    Season’s Greetings to everybody at DIME

  • Laurene Shewan

    Don’t you want the blocks to pop, instead of the quilting? I’d suggest one color thread throughout, to pull it all together and I’m partial to blue.

  • margaret

    I would use a burnt orange for the whole quilt.

  • Diane

    I would use the Green – it will tie the quilt together and pop in the black areas.

  • Kathy H

    Different thread colors or a variegated thread color would make it look too busy. There’s lots of fabric colors going on in the quilt. I would keep with a off-white satin to a cream satin color.

  • Veronica Harper

    I think you should use just one color, a bright blue !

  • Diane

    If you want the stitching to pop, I would use a variegated thread with a mix of the neon colors. What color is the back?

  • Cathy Ervin

    I agree with Maga, and to take that a step further, a variegated purple, lime and turquois would be perfect!

  • Genene

    Sulky Blendables- There are several that have the blues and greens with a touch of either pinks or purples. More specifically, if it were my quilt (assuming the colors on my monitor are true) I would likely try 733 4022 in the matt finish cotton.

  • Doree Shandera

    I would try a primary color variegated thread.
    Can this only be purchased in a brick or mortar store?
    Have a wonderful holiday season to all.

  • Valerie Gwara

    I like neon green..

  • Darlene Bares

    A variegated thread might work but i think u would want the bright neon colors, so that may not work. of course orange is my favorite, but that may look Halloween with the black/orange. So with that said, i would use the hot blue, not all squares have it and would tie it in nicely. Love the quilt!

  • clem

    Looking at the quilt closely I only see 1 block that is the lighter green. I would go with either a neon green, which would pop on the black, which almost any color would, but it would also show nicely on the other colors or go for a variegated green. Either of those colors would look great on the other blocks.

  • Theresa Cobb

    Personally, I would go with the blue, but then, I’m a blue kind of girl. I think
    that would really make the quilt come to life. But here’s another option for you. Have you thought of a variegated that incorporates one or more of those colors?

  • Sheri

    My immediate thought is neon green

  • Susie Mackenberg

    My preference is always to go with one color to bring continuity and I usually use a neutral thread to not bring attention to the quilting, but since you asked our opinion…go for the blue since that is the color I see most when I squint up my eyes so think that will blend in the best. Have fun!

  • Karen Poole

    I would pick a variegated or multicolor thread that incorporates all or most of the bright fabric colors! That would look great and pop against the black. Use it in every block.

  • Jamie

    I would use neon green if you want the quilting to pop. It would coordinate with all of the other colors. The other thread choices that you mentioned would disappear when you quilted into the same color.

  • Jacqueline Curtis

    I would go with a bright orange. It would bring out that color and it would definitly pop.

  • Marsha

    I would use a burnt yellow for the whole quilt.